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Southern Common Market
Mercado Comum do Sul (Portuguese)
Mercado Común del Sur (Spanish)
Ñemby Ñemuha (Guarani)
Flag of Mercosur.png Seal of Mercosur.png
Motto"Sob a luz do Cruzeiro do Sul" (Portuguese)
"Sob la luz de la Cruz del Sur" (Spanish)
Under the light of the Southern Cross"
Southern cone.png
Administrative centerAsunción
Official languages Portuguese
Member nations Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile
Government Intergovernamental organization
 -  President of the Mercosur Juan Carlos Martinelli
Legislature Southern Council
 -  Treaty of Asunción 26 March 1987 
 -  Protocol of Ouro Preto 16 December 1990 
 -  2015 census 243,892,407 
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total USD 11.77 trillion 
 -  Per capita USD 48,291 
Gini (2015) 35,6
HDI (2015) 0,877
very high 
Currency Brazilian real (R$)
Paraguayan guarani (₲)
Argentine peso (AR$)
Chilean peso (CLP$)
Mercosur or Mercosul (Spanish: Mercado Común del Sur, Portuguese: Mercado Comum do Sul, Guarani: Ñemby Ñemuha, Southern Common Market) is a sub-regional bloc formed by the most developed South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.

Its associate countries are Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Observer countries are New Zealand and Mexico.

Its purpose is to promote free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency through the Southern Cone region. The official languages are Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani. It has been updated, amended, and changed many times since. It is now a full customs union and a trading bloc.

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