“These innocent people were the victims of a terrorist attack, these terrorists showed no mercy, we will neither and we will remember them as heroes. With God, they are. We must live for the living people. But through us they will live forever. They will always be with us, to the ends of time...”
~ Sophia-Theodora giving an eulogy

The memorial for the victims of the nuclear bombing of Constantinople took place on 7 Novermber in the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire. Thousands of people attended the memorial mass, including many heads of state and government, celebrities and clergy of the Roman Empire. Hundreds of millions watched the memorial on television. The nuclear bombing of Constantinople was the first nuclear attack since the bombings during the Great War, an estimated amount of 3 million people died, and more than 15 million were injured. Pope Francis led the mass himself.


Heads of state and government, their family, politicians and clergyEdit


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  • Abbasidflag1 Arabia: Sahar al-Zuhairi, Arabian singer-songwriter
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: Lionel Messi, Argentine soccer player; Luciana Aymar, field hockey player
  • FlagAztec Aztec Empire: Salina Quatzalina, Aztec actress, singer; Nezec Zacatli, Aztec model, actor
  • Flag of Bhutan Bhutan: Sengdroma Dorji, Bhutanese astronomer
  • Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Brazil: Rodrigo Santoro, Brazilian actor; Chachapac, Chief of the Chachapoya tribe
  • Flag of Burma 1943 Burma: Lu Min, Burmese actor
  • 30px Canada: Céline Dion, Canadian singer
  • New Chinese Imperial Flag China: Song Jing, Chinese actress, singer; Chan Zhou, Chinese actor, model and singer
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark: Mads Mikkelsen, Danish actor
  • Flag of France France: Gérard Depardieu, French actor; Marion Cotillard, French actress; Gaspard Ulliel, French actor
  • Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor Holy Rome: Heidi Klum, German actress, model, television host; Moritz Bleibtreu, German actor
  • Flag of India India: Rhadika Akshardasutra, Indian singer, actress, television host
  • Flag of Japan Japan: Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese film director; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese singer
  • Old flag of korea Korea: Psy, Korean singer
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  • Flag of Palaeologus Emperor (stretched) Roman Empire: Nina Aurelia, Roman actress, singer
  • Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) United Kingdom: Kate Winslet; English actress; David Beckham, English professional footballer and his wife Victoria Beckham
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The attending people left the basilica when they pleased. The state leaders and celebrities offered their condolences to the Roman Imperial Family and the Roman people. Sylvia Valorum,Sky Nadast and Dzed-get-ke-Wazaq, leaders from outside Earth offered their condolences to the people of the Roman Empire and offered to give them advanced technology to clear Constantinople of nuclear radiation, which Empress Sophia-Theodora gladly accepted. Some of the people walked to the newly opened memorial in Rome for the victims. Another memorial is also construction in Constantinople.