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Meltdown: Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban War 1962

Troop movements of the Cuban War.(March 1963 - May 1963)

The year is 1963 and the Cuban Missile Crisis refuses to die out. The Soviet government has refused to pull their missiles out of Cuba. It is evident that war is coming.

The Cuban War ( 1963 )

The Cuban War started in March 1963, after the Soviet Union refused to remove its missiles from Cuba in January 1963. Congress declared war on Cuba in March 1962, starting World War III.


3/03/1963: Congress declares war on Cuba.

3/07/1963: The United States sends troops through the Florida Keys and the Bahamas to initiate the invasion of Cuba.

3/14/1963: American troops land on Cuban soil and march through Havana. 

3/20/1963: The Cuban government retreats to  Santiago de Cuba, and subsequently strike an alliance with Haiti and some South American nations.

4/05/1963: Cuba falls. The remaining forces relocate to Haiti, and invade the Dominican Republic.

4/12/1963: Having secured the island of Hispaniola, Cubano-Haitian forces storm through Jamaica and begin an invasion of Central America.

4/19/1963: The Cubano-Haitian fleet is sunk by a combination of American and Mexican ships. The survivors of the Cubano-Haitian fleet seek refuge in South America.

4/24/1963: American forces storm the beaches of Hispaniola, leading to Haiti surrendering its forces.

4/30/1963: South America falls to Mexican-American forces. 

5/10/1963: Cuba, Haiti, and the South American states surrender to American forces.

5/15/1963: The Treaty of Havana is drafted and agreed upon by the Cubano-Haitian government and the United States.  

5/20/1963: Fidel Castro and his key officers are put on trial and executed. 

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