Meissen (German: Meißen) was a margravate in the center of the HRE, close to Brandenburg and Thuringia.

The Wettin division

Heinrich III reigned all of Thuringia, Meissen and the Palatinate of Saxony. But in 1265, he divided his lands and only kept Meissen and Lower Lusatia, while Thuringia and the Saxon Palatinate went to his son Albrecht II "the degenerate"; his other son Dietrich IV received the Mark Landsberg and Osterland. (Wettin history seems to diverge from OTL when Heinrich had no third son in 1273.) In 1288, he died too; Meissen went to Albrecht II, Lower Lusatia to Friedrich III.

1306, the Wettins suffered the loss of nearby Lower Lusatia which went to Roman king Otto IV of Brandenburg. In the years 1335/37, most Wettin lands were united by Friedrich IV; but as soon as 1357, Meissen and Thuringia were separated again, between Diezmann III and Friedrich VI. Under Diezmann VII, the country suffered much during the Twenty-Year War. In 1526, Friedrich XIV, the last of his three sons, died without heir, and Meissen went to their relative Diezmann IX.

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