The Islamic Republic of Mehika is a North Atlantean nation whose borders follow the Almlak, Nuses and Cordobada Rivers to the north and until the Canal Transmarine in French Atlantis to the south. Mehika is bordered by New Canaan, Kustland and the Sioux Confederacy to the north, and by French Atlantis to the south. The country is an Islamic republic, meaning that while it has elections and a secular government, it is governed by adherence to Islamic law. Mehika is regarded as the Atlantean successor state to the old Caliphates of the Middle East. The capital of Mehika is Midn Mehika, and other major cities include Midn Astek, Midn Olmek, Midn Jazeer Al-Falani, and Midn Almlak on its northern frontier. The current Prime Minister of Mehika is Mahmoud Kamal Mosn.

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