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The word megalopolis means a set of metropolitan cities and/or urban areas, or a city with high populations over 10 million people. The origin of this term comes from the city of the same name in Achaea, a Greek province. However, ironically, it was a small city during the times of the Roman Empire. Yet it has become a very popular term internationally when mentioning very large urban, metropolitan areas with many people.

The layout of the world's average city usually consists of a downtown area, which has more people and more buildings, meaning it is the most crowded area of the city. The suburbs of the city usually contains one-two story residential houses and other small buildings. These are less crowded than the downtown, but has more people than the actual city itself. Finally, there are the outskirts, where airports, prisons, graveyards, landfills, military bases, water, power, and recycling facilites.

Largest Megalopolises

Rank Urban Area Nation Population Territory Continent

Largest Cities

Rank City Nation Population Location Continent
1 Paris France 21,560,000 Northern France Europe
2 Tokyo Japan 21,268,000 Central Southerneastern Honshu Asia
3 Shanghai China 21,040,000 Yangtze River Delta Asia
4 New York City United States 21,104,000 Southeastern New York (state) Americas
5 Mexico City United States 20,760,000 Valley of Mexico Americas
6 Sao Paulo Brazil 20,340,000 Southeastern Brazil Americas
7 Los Angeles United States 19,835,000 Southern California Americas
8 Rio De Janeiro Brazil 19,345,000 Coast of Southeastern Brazil Americas
9 Beijing China 18,546,000 Northern China Asia
11 Moscow France 18,231,000 North-Central French Russia Europe
12 Rome France 17,213,000 Central Italy Europe
13 London France 17,124,000 Southern England Europe
14 Delhi Hindustan 16,593,000 Northern India Asia
15 Chicago United States 15,694,000 Northern Illinois Americas
16 Cairo France 13,695,000 Northern Egypt Africa
17 Mumbai Hindustan 12,045,000 Western Inda Asia
18 Tehran Persia-Arabia 11,539,000 Central Iran Asia
19 Constantinople France 11,298,000 Southeastern Thrace Europe
20 Berlin France 10,056,000 Northern Germany Europe

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