A Megalopolis is a chain of adjacent metropolitan areas or single city with a population of ten million or more. There are two possible sources for the term megalopolis. Either it comes from the actual city of Megalopolis in the Greek province of Achaea or the literal meaning of the word itself, which is Great City. The city by this name was given the title for irony's sake as the city was one of the smallest municipalities in the Roman Empire. Whatever the origin, the term Megalopolis has entered international vernacular as a description for a great urban area.

Most large western cities, including those in Europe and Columbia, are kept within the confines of a city wall with the necessary accessories of an urban area, such as airports, graveyards and military bases, located nearby. Suburbs only emerged around Asian cities in China, Japan and Cambodia, though Roman India featured them at one time as well. For this reason, though Asian metropolitan areas come closer to the definition of a megalopolis, agglomerations of western cities also qualify for description by the term.



Rank Urban Area Nation Population Territory Continent
1Tocaido CorridorNippon210,930,000OTL island of Shikoku and central to southern HonshuAsia
2Yangtze RiverMongol147,320,000OTL Yangtze River Delta RegionAsia
3RomaRoman96,450,000OTL Tyrrhenian coastEurope
4Guandong RiverMongol85,200,000OTL Guandong Province of ChinaAsia
5Djavaya CorridorKhmer63,340,000OTL western JavaAsia
6Hebei ShengMongol62,000,000OTL Hebei province of ChinaAsia
7Halorium RegionRoman59,760,000OTL Northeast Corridor United StatesColumbia
8Nile River DeltaRoman51,600,000OTL Nile River Delta RegionAfrica
9TeotihuacanMayan48,390,000OTL State of Mexico and surrounding areaColumbia
10Korean PeninsulaNippon44,720,000OTL South KoreaAsia
11Province of ColumbiaRoman37,480,000OTL States of Sao Paulo and Rio de JaneiroColumbia
12Andean CorridorInca35,610,000OTL Andes region near Machu PicchuColumbia
13ChumashiaMayan33,560,000OTL Californian coastColumbia
14Thames RiverRoman29,780,000OTL Greater London Area and surroundingsEurope
15Manilla IslandKhmer27,940,000OTL Island of LuzonAsia
16HastinaporumRoman27,530,000OTL DelhiAsia
17TayonaMongol23,140,000OTL TaiwanAsia
18TemujinMongol22,620,000OTL Xi'anAsia
19Rhine-RhurRoman18,560,000OTL Rhine-Rhur metropolitan regionEurope
20MeccaOttoman16,890,000OTL Red Sea coast of Saudi ArabiaAsia


Rank City Parent Empire Population OTL Equivalent Continent
1RomaRoman23,800,000OTL RomeEurope
2TemujinMongol22,600,000OTL Xi'anAsia
3ConstantinopolisRoman18,700,000OTL IstanbulEurope/Asia
4TeotihuacanMayan16,900,000No OTL equivalentColumbia
5Shang'HaiMongol16,430,000OTL ShanghaiAsia
6AlexandriaRoman15,100,000OTL AlexandriaAfrica
7ShenzhenMongol15,000,000OTL Shenzhen-Hong KongAsia
8CarthageRoman15,000,000OTL CarthageAfrica
9NaniwaNippon14,800,000OTL OsakaAsia
10HastinaporumRoman14,800,000OTL DelhiAsia
11Machu PicchuInca13,500,000No OTL equivalentColumbia
12YedoNippon13,300,000OTL TokyoAsia
13CuzcoRoman13,000,000OTL CairoAfrica
14HaloriumRoman12,900,000OTL New YorkColumbia
15KyotoNippon12,800,000OTL KyotoAsia
16MayapanMayan12,300,000No OTL equivalentColumbia
17LondiniumRoman12,100,000OTL LondonEurope
18KanawaguNippon11,900,000OTL YokohamaAsia
19ChumashMayan11,800,000OTL Los AngelesColumbia
20NazcaInca11,700,000No OTL equivalentColumbia
21Nova RomaRoman11,200,000OTL Cabrera (by location only)Columbia
22MahabarumRoman10,920,000OTL MumbaiAsia
23OkarumRoman/Mayan10,870,000OTL LagosAfrica
24KhaliorumRoman10,750,000OTL KolkataAsia
25QusquInca10,530,000OTL CuzcoColumbia
26Chang'anMongol10,200,000OTL Xi'anAsia
27BracchiumRoman9,670,000OTL Saint PetersburgEurope
28ApuInca9,570,000No OTL equivalentColumbia
29ParisiumRoman9,310,000OTL ParisEurope
30MaynillaKhmer9,290,000OTL ManilaAsia
31MemphisRoman8,950,000OTL CairoAfrica
32DaiduMongol8,940,000OTL BeijingAsia

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