The Medwedian World is an alternative history in which intelligent life evolved from Bears instead of primates. Humanoid bears populate Earth and have formed countries similar to those in OTL. While countries like Russia, Britain or the USA were still formed, completely new countries also exist. The impact of Communism is reduced heavily due to Lenin living in Medwedia and being injured by far-right rebels of the Western Siberian Revolution of 1915, resulting in his inability to organize a revolution in Moscow, with other major figures such as Josef Stalin fleeing from the region.


POD: 5.000.000 BC - A meteorite destroys the population of primates that would evolve into Humans.

2.000.000 BC - The european Paleo-Bear population is not endangered by Paleo-Humans and starts to increase in size.

1.500.000 BC - Bears start to evolve into humanoid lifeforms.

500.000 BC - Earliest fossils of modern humanoid bears.

50.000 BC - Earliest records of a civilization.

20.000 BC - All areas of the world are populated

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