The Medwedian Democratic Federation
Medwedian: Den Medwedisk Demokratisk Føderatjon
Timeline: Medwedian World
240px-Medwedian National Flag.png Medwedian Coat of Arms.png
The National Flag Coat of arms
"Fyr Gudt og Faterland!" / "For God and Fatherland!"
Ljæng liv Medwedia!
Medwedia Highlight.png
Areas highlighted in dark green are all territories that are either municipal Medwedia or Colonies.
CapitalMedwed City
Official languages Medwedian
Regional Languages Russian, various Siberian languages
Ethnic groups  Medwedians, various siberian Tribes
Demonym Medwedian
 -  Sir-Marshal-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation Theodor Lynden Frankenstein
 -  Sir-Marshal-Vice-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation Edmund Olsen junior
 -  Premier Minister Sir Albert Otto Tørnbjerg
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Egon Thor Bjergsted
 -  Head of Government Even-Odd Overbjerg
Legislature The Presidental Office
 -  Upper house The Federal Council
 -  Lower house The Federal Parliament
 -  de facto 12th January of 1769 
 -  Constitution signed 19th May of 1769 
 -  First President elected 26th May of 1769 
 -   estimate 250.000.000 
Currency Medwedian Dollar (M$)

The Medwedian Democratic Federation (Medwedian: Den Medwedisk Demokratisk Føderatjon), or just Medwedia is a large country covering a portion of the Planet.


The nation is governed by a President, and as a federal state it has 24 Governorates (Most of Municipal Medwedia and Alaska), 4 Administrative Territories, 6 Federal Colonies and several Special Administrative Regions.