Mediterranean Sea Campaign became direct consequence of Alexandrian Peace Treaty violation from both sides. This violation has began by pagan pro-republican insurgency on Sicily. Hypatia of Alexandria, influential scientist and politician, convinced dictator Aveciana to send armed forces to Sicily, help pagan rebels. Dictator sent three rifle platoons (150 heavy armed troops) to help pagans and also food and medical supplies. However, when armed forces reached Sicily, they were ambushed by Roman Army. Whole pagan insurgency was fake trap created by Arbogast, to get control over republican firearms.

Hypatia of Alexandria was also on ship with armed forces and also went to ambush. Everyone, expect commander of forces Abdul Nashiar and Hypatia, were killed by Roman Army troops. Nashiar and Hypatia was sent to guarded fortress prison in Alps, in Arbogast fort where he had elite loyal guard forces.

After this incident, the dictator of the republic revokes peace treaty.


Mediterranean Sea Campaign

Date: January 393 - May 393

Location: Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Cypres, Creta, Judea, Sinai,

Peloponnesus Peninsula, Hispania.

Result: Disputed Republican Army victory (see aftermath)

collapse of Roman Empire Fleet


Regular Republican Army

Roman Empire Army



Dictator T. C. Aveciana

General Gracias

Jacob bach-Nabar


Pope Siricius

General Theodem Aveciana


5 divisions (50,000 soldiers), 500 cannons

Republican Fleet (56 cannons armed ships)

238,000 soldiers and mercenaries

Empire Fleet (216 ships)

Casualties and losses

17,465 KIA, 8,255 WIA, 142 cannons, 17 ships destroyed or captured

162,000 KIA, 29,000 WIA, remaining defected, 200 ships destroyed or captured

Support for Jews

First phase of this army campaign was composed by sending non-firearms weapons, food and medical supplies to Jewish rebels in Judea. Roman Army got order from Arbogast and Siricius to mass murder Jews and destroy Judea. In reaction, Jacob bach-Nabar, important merchant and politician gathered armed Jewish gangs and rebel groups and started insurgency in south Judea. Dictator Aveciana sent 7th Rifle Battalion to Fortress Masada, in south Judea, to secure abandoned fortress and attacking against Roman Army units in Judea. Later, Gracias took commanding over this battalion. When he arrived, he was informed about presence of rifles in Roman Army units. He immediately sent messenger to Alexandria, to inform the senate and dictator.

Island conquering

With first phase of campaign also started massive landing operations against four most important islands in Mediterranean Sea - Cyprus, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. All islands were quickly conquered by republican army, however with casualties because of ballistas and catapults presence.

In late phase, Republican Army conquered Crete and Peloponnesus peninsula, and started bombardment of southern Italy.

Navy combatement

During navy combatement, Republican Fleet armed with cannons again used technological supperiority over their enemy, and successfully decimated most of Empire Fleet in battles of Tyrhenia, Hispania Strait and Crete.

Controlled retreat

After discovery of firearms in Roman Army ranks, senate and dictator created special investigation commission to find how Roman Army got firearms. There were few theories:

First - Roman Army gathered firearms from captured Nashiar troops. However, there were too much firearms.

Second - Roman Army scientists discovered plans and productions of firearms. However, there were no cannons and they had insufficient of time to discoveries of firearms.

Third - Only other nation with scientific and production capabilities to create firearms was China Empire. However, Chinese emperor had very good relationship with Roman Popular Republic. Later, investigation committee discovered group of chinese generals who sold large amount of firearms and ammunition to Roman Army, because they wanted to know how effective are their firearms in fight against other firearms equiped soldiers.


Mediterranean Campaign became disputed victory for Republicans, because Jewish uprising was bloody crushed by Empire Army in Judea. Also, because of firearms presence, Republicans gave order to stop campaign when they captured Peloponnese peninsula and ordered retreat of all forces from Hispania, because of too long borders. Republicans heavely fortified sea islands, Sinai borders and Hispanian strait. Also, Hypatia and Nashiar were not liberate by Republican Army.

Chinese emperor punished group of army generals for their betrayel of allies and executed 17 high-ranked officers.

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