Median Empire
804 BC - 548 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of Media

Capital Media City
Languages Median language
Religion Zoroastrianism
Government Monarchy
 •  804-790 BC Astayages I (first)
 • 565-548 BC Astyages III (last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Unification of Media 804 BC
 • Elamite War
 • Elamite Revolt
 • Bactrian Revolt
 • Zarathustran Revolution
 •  Persian Conquest 548 BC
 •  600 BC est. 3.1 million 
Currency Barter

The Median Empire was a nation in Asia.It lasted from 804 BC to 548 BC.



The Empire was founded after the Median Kingdom's victory in the Median Civil War.Elam was conquered soon after.

Peaceful Expansion

After the conquest of Elam,Media began expanding peacefully.Persia was the first to be annexed.Shortly afterwards,Parthia was annexed.The Medians then expanded into Sogdia and Bactria.Shortly afterwards,they gained some Anatolian territories and signed a treaty with Lydia.


In 687 BC,Elam revolted against Media.The Medians fought with the Elamites for some time.In 675,a man named Zarathustra is born.In 668, he changes his name Zoroaster and starts spreading Zoroastrianism.Soon,all of Media is In 657 BC,Bactria revolted while the Medians were still dealing with the Elamites.The Bactrians had quick successes.In 657 BC,the Elamite Revolt was crushed and the Satrapy of Elam was abolished.In 650 BC,the Bactrian Revolt stops and the Satrapy of Bactria is now the Autonomous Province of Bactria.Another War would soon rock Media.

Zarathustran Revolution

In 645 BC,Zoroaster declared war on the Median Empire.The Battle of Media caused Zoroaster to gain the tide.The Battle of the Persian Plains forced the Medians to the negotiating table.A treaty recognizes the independence of the Zarathustran Empire.

Era of Consolidation

From the end of the Zarathustran Revolution until the Rise of Cyrus the Great,a period of Peace and Consolidation occurred.


The beginning of the Median Collapse happened when Cyrus the Great rebelled.In 553 BC,fighting defiantly began.The Zarathustrans allied with Cyrus and took Elam and East Persepolis.In 448 BC,the Treaty of Sogdia was signed dissolving the Median Empire and recognizing Lydian,Zarathustran,and Cyriate gains.


Following the Treaty of Sogdia,the Median Empire became the Indo-Median Empire.This empire only controlled Sogdia and Bactria.Soon after the treaty was signed however,the Indo-Medians were conquered by the now united Persian Empire.


Media was an absolute monarchy.The Emperor had all the power.

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