Median Civil War
Part of Empires from Persia
Date 815-803 B.C.
Location Asia
  • Median Kingdom/Empire Victory

Treaty of Unity

Median Confederacy
Elam (support)
Median Empire (after reform)
Median Kingdom (until reform)
Commanders and leaders
Cyrus,Confederacy Leader
Darius of Elam
Astyages of Media

The Median Civil War was the war that united the Median Empire.


At first

At first,the Confederacy was winning.They however lost after an offensive to the Median Kingdom's capital and were pushed out at the Battle of Monarchia.


At Monarchia,there was stalemate.The Stalemate ended at the Battle of Temporary Unity in 804 BC.

The Kingdom takes the tide

With the fall of Temporary Unity,the former Confederate capital was demolished.The Kingdom now owned the tide.The Median Kingdom changed its name to the Median Empire.

Media Victorious

In 803 BC,the Batle of Confederate City was won by the Medes.The Confederacy fled to Elam as their capital burned.Darius's children have died in the conflict.Darius appoints Cyrus his successor.


After the War,Cyrus and Darius sign the Treaty of Unity with Astyages.The Treaty acknowledges the unification of Media.

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