Media and Culture of Reverse a Dragon and a Titan


Lord of the Rings and Hobbit - Acclaimed books and book series written by British author J.R.R. Tolkien. The books have gone on to influence much of fantasy throughout all mediums of entertainment due to the popularity of the books.


There are many different companies, in both China and the USA, that make comic books:


Marvel is a minor comic company, popular in the many nations of North America.

  • The Beetle - After being infected by a deadly flu virus, Jackson Smith had to take a risky procedure to get it removed. Unfortunately, there was beetle blood in the needle, and he gained the power to shrink at will. Unlike the other comics, it has been heavily criticized due to its encouraging of dirty needles and trivialization of deadly diseases.
  • Red Night - Only published in South New England, it tells the story of Mari Jacobson, a scientist who had been trapped in North New England for eight years. After managing to secretly escape, she works on defending the New England De-Militarized Zone from rebels and traitors.


ACC - All China Comics



Live Action

  • Yasha Bondarev (franchise) - Acclaimed Russian film franchised based around the escapades of Russian spy Yasha Bondarev.
  • Lord of the Rings (franchise) - Critically acclaimed film series directed by Oceanian Peter Jackson.


  • Shonen Jump X Invasion - Top grossing Japanese film of all time. The film incorporates many beloved manga/anime characters featured in Shonen Jump.



  • The Last Incarnate - A critically acclaimed Chinese-South New England animated television series. Set in a Eurocentric world in which people are able manipulate the Wu Xing elements through fighting styles.

Live Action

  • Hēishèhuì - Critically acclaimed Chinese television drama detailing a former school teacher's life and his descent into the underground world of Hong Kong, alongside a former student.


  • Gridiron - Primarily a violent contact sport mainly played in the former United States of America. There are currently three major leagues that exist across North America, the American Gridiron League (AGL), Premier Gridiron League (PGL) and the Western Gridiron League (WGL).
  • Basketball - The second largest sport in the world so far. Basketball currently reaches as far as North America, Europe and Eastern Asia, with professional leagues in much larger nations.
  • Football - Originally a European sport, football has reached an international level and has become the world's most popular sport. With many professional leagues across all nations.
  • Hockey - Mainly a Russian, Scandinavian, North American sport, but still one of the more popular sports across the world.



  • Queen - Famous South African rock band founded by singer Freddie Mercury, bassist John Deacon, guitarist Brian May, and drummer Roger Taylor. Known for bringing the genre of hard rock to the forefront of the musical industry when they were heavily active in the late 70s and early 90s. Also known for helping raise awareness for HIV in the African continent and the world, as lead singer Freddie Mercury was one of the first celebrities to come out and state he had been afflicted by said disease.
  • AC DC: Famous Oceanian hard rock band.


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