• Northern Victory Series: An extensive alternate history series written by Harry Turtledove set around an American victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, leading to a military victory over the Confederate States of America. Without an economic depression and political humiliation, the U.S. is able to purchase Alaska and Cuba from Russia and Spain. The United States does not become an ally of Germany in the 1880s and turns into a fairly isolationist state. In 1941, after being attacked by Japan, the Americans become a de-facto ally of the Entente and engage the Japanese in a series of island campaigns. The Pacific War ends in a victory over Japan by 1946, marking the beginning of the Cold War between the United States and Germany.



  • The alternative history wiki Althistory is known for producing articles about events that change history in many ways
    • No Kentucky War: Wade Hampton's coup follows through in mid-February after rumors circulate that President John Reagan will abolish slavery. This triggers a civil war within the Confederacy, leading to Kentucky deciding not to secede from the United States. The war lasts for six years and leading with the military government being ousted and the re=establishment of a democratic nation.
    • Entente Victory: The Entente is able to win World War I through a series of PODs. General Thomas Custer is killed in action during 1915, the French win the Battle of Verdun in 1916, and a series of rebellions in Germany strain Germany's military power. The Entente wins by early 1919, and a harsh peace is imposed on the Central Powers. The Confederate States annexes Missouri, West Virginia, and New Mexico, France annexes Alsace-Lorraine, and the United Kingdom annexes several German colonies in Africa and Asia. During the Great Depression, the United States came under the influence of the fascist politician William D. Pelley while Anton Drexler gained popularity in Germany.
    • President Long: Huey Long of the Socialist-Whig Party wins in 1926, defeating Harry Byrd by a narrow margin. With Long coming to party, the Confederate States slowly becomes a socialist country, with several state-run programs bringing the Confederacy through the Great Depression. Under a constitutional amendment made by President Long and the Confederate Congress, the President is allowed to run for as many terms as he/she wants. Long wins reelection in 1932 and further extends the power of the federal government. The Confederate government works at eliminating the Restorationist Party, as well as other fascist groups. In 1937, he begins at working at eliminating other political opposition by suppressing the activities of the Whigs and forming the Socialist Party of the Confederate States. During World War II, the Confederate States is neutral throughout the war, leading to more American involvement in the Pacific Wars and the war in Europe.
    • A Reunited Great Britain: England wins a total victory over Scotland during the British Civil War. In turn, the Commonwealth of Great Britain is formed, based off the former United Kingdom of Great Britain. This worries the United States and Germany due to Britain's potential to become another great power. During the Cold War, the Commonwealth is mostly neutral and isolationist, however was pressured by the Atlantic Alliance to become an ally.


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