With most of the past century being changed drastically, media has also seen a significant change.



Video games

  • One of the most major changes to the gaming industry is the Call of Duty series never coming to be, the first game being based off of OTL World War II. FPS games would still rise as a somewhat popular genre, though not nearly as exploited or famous as in this timeline. There would also be no Medal of Honor either.
  • Wolfenstein, a series based in Nazi Germany, which also helped popularize FPS games would never exist.
  • The Mega Man series would also be slightly different. The designs of Dr. Wily and Dr. Light would be switched around, the two being based on Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. The reason Wily's design was based off of Einstein was partially because he started development of the nuclear weapons, which were dropped on Japan during World War II. Without Einstein moving to the United States, Germany would be the first nation to gain nukes, and would be seen as a savior to the Berlin Pact. Also without a Vietnam War, Mega Man 5 would have no Napalm Man or be banned in Vietnam, instead Napalm Man being based on the still weapon-based Smoke Man.
  • Without the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan's joining of the Berlin Pact, tensions between Japan and the United States wouldn't totally be resolved and the trade between them wouldn't be as huge, leading to Japanese companies having less of an impact on American society, and Nintendo, Sony, and Sega would never grow to gaming companies as popular as they are in OTL.