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  • No Liberty: - a 1954 book written by (-name here-) exposing the treatment of many African natives in American colonies in Africa. (-name here-) spent the rest of his military service after World War II in the American Congo from 1947 to 1951, where he witnessed abuse and racism against natives in and near towns and villages. This book played a huge role in the decolonization of Africa and the civil rights movement and was one of the best selling books of the decade.
  • The Dead King: - a controversial 1994 book written by conspiracy theorist (-name here-), exploring the conspiracy theory that Edward II organized the 1968 attack on Prince Robert's motorcade to either start the Second Pacific War between Japan and the US or to speed up the process of becoming king.





  • The wiki Althistory has many timelines with a point of divergence centered around the United States and her allies.
    • American Republic: Prince Henry of Prussia does not become King after the Constitutional Convention votes against it. Without sharing a royal house with another European country, the United States decides to avoid behaviors similar to a monarchy and is much more isolationist than expansionist. Germany and America do not share a special relationship, leading to a very different World War I.
    • Entente Victory: France, the United Kingdom, the Confederate States, and Austria-Hungary defeat Germany, the United States, Russia, and Italy in World War I. France and the Austrians annex many German towns near their borders, while the Austrians also set up puppet-states in formerly Russian-held Poland and Ukraine. The British annex the American states of Maine, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho into Canada. Both Germany and the United States lose all their overseas colonies to the British and French, who demand reparations from the defeated powers. The Bolsheviks are defeated in the Russian Civil War and Nicholas II's brother, Michael, is instated Tsar of Russia in 1927. During the Great Depression, the United States becomes a Fascist dictatorship in 1933 following the election of Virgil Effinger as President.
    • No Hitler: Adolf Hitler is killed in combat during World War I. Without his initiative to transform Austria into a Nazi state, Austria turns into a state similar to Fascist Italy, resulting in a very different World War II.
    • Johnson's Survival: Officer Carlos Hernandez does not miss his shot at assassin Jones Taylor and shoots him in the abdomen. While injured, Taylor is arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder. Johnson continues his gubernatorial rule in Texas through 1968, however begins looking into the possibility of replacing Lester B. Pearson as Vice President. At the Socialist National Convention in Toronto, Lyndon B. Johnson is selected as President Hubert Humphrey's running mate. A controversial move, it strikes tensions in both the north and south.