Medal of Honor is a first person shooter series developed by Danger Close. First released in 2007, Medal of Honor has become overwhelmingly successful, battling other shooter giants Call of Duty and Battlefield. It was released near the end of the Second Gulf War, making the conflict fresh in people's minds.


The game takes place in the war in Iran-Iraq, with the player playing the role of several US operators in the country. The player fights for the United States, and the main antagonists are the military of Iran-Iraq, though other enemies and locations are played in (such as Israel). The games are characterized by linear gameplay and sometimes cinematic presentation.


Medal of Honor

The first game was released in 2007 to Playstation 3, Xbox360, and a PC version was released as well. The main character is Army Sergeant Jack Barrows, who along with his squadmates are deployed to Iran-Iraq as part of the first wave of deployment. Aiding them is tank driver Jay Harris, who is sent to protect Barrows squad as they assault Kuwait City. The game was released to commercial and critical acclaim, and was named Game of the Year at the Academy of Video Game Awards.

Medal of Honor II

Medal of Honor II was released two years later in 2009 to the same gaming platforms as the last one. Barrows returns, leading the search for a Iran-Iraq general responsible for a massacre. The general is well protected, and the player must travel to Israel, Somalia, and North India to find information on him. The game was well received, but was outdone by its rival, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Medal of Honor III

Medal of Honor III was released in July 2011 to all gaming platforms. Barrows is once again the main character, and is on the trail of US government defector. The defector has covered his tracks carefully, and a rival army faction and the highly regarded Special Ops faction of Iran-Iraq are his trail as well. The game has done extremely well, beating competitor Battlefield 3 in number of sales.

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