Mecklenburg County, Varieta
Formed 1762
County Seat Charlotte
Population 432,000
Our Timeline Correlation Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (United States)

Mecklenburg County is the most populous county in the province of Varieta. Its largest city, Charlotte, is the largest city in New England south of Alexandria (in the Federal Territory). Mecklenburg County is the gateway to the Confederate States of Pemhakamik (just to its southeast) and to Muskogee (just to the southwest). It also borders two semi-autonomous areas (SAAs), that of the Catawba (split into two parts, just to the west of Mecklenburg County), and Waxhaw (to the east). Mecklenburg County was named after the English queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.


Ethnic Groups

67% European
22% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
16% Catawban
06% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal
03% Oriental
02% Sub-Saharan African
01% Indian
03% mixed ancestry
02% others

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