Mecklenburg was a princedom in northern Germany under the Obodrite dynasty. 1226, it was divided into four smaller princedoms of Mecklenburg, Werle, Parchim-Richenberg und Rostock. Except for Werle, they lasted less than a century; but after the death of Heinrich II, Stargard was split off again. The latter line thrived under its able princes Albrecht II, Albrecht III and Albrecht V; it inherited main Mecklenburg in 1468 and Werle in 1521 and acquired Schwerin during the Twenty-Year War.

In 1600, Albrecht VII was elected king Albert of Sweden. Now, Mecklenburg's fate was connected with its bigger neighbor; for its protection, Erik XVII founded the Baltic League with Prussia, Brandenburg-Silesia and Franconia-Pomerania against Polish or Russian threats. After the Second French Republican War with France however, Mecklenburg was lost to the duke of Pomerania who had lost Franconia; and after the Third French Republican War, it became part of the new Semnonic Republic, until Germany was united after the German Uprising in 1818.

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