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Strasserism Hammer and Sword
Kingdom of Meath (English)
Rìoghachd Mide (Gaelic)
Timeline: Nordica
OTL equivalent: Meath
Gaelic Ireland
743 - 9??
Flag of Mide.svg
Meath 870.png
Map of Meath (in Red)
Official languages Gaelic
Ethnic groups  Gaelic
Demonym Meathian
Religion Christian
Government Monarchy
 -  King Túathal Techtmar (Legendary, 76-106)
Domnall Midi (First, 743–763)
??? (Last)
 -  Legendary Establishment 76 
 -  Establishment 743 

The Kingdom of Meath was an Irish kingdom located in central Ireland. Known for having the seat of the High King of Ireland at Tara, Meath was a moderately powerful kingdom until it was conquered by both Celtic Ireland the the Viking armies in Ireland.