250px-Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy, American President

In the end of World War II, the Soviet Union extended its power to Eastern Europe. Many American and Western Europe businessmen, worried with the communist influence in Europe, support Joseph McCarthy in his anti-communist struggle in Washington. In this ATL, McCarthy is able to make major American and Europeans armies to fight against Soviet Union, in the Allies' War. If you have ideas for events or changues in the TL, put them on the Talk page.

Allies' Wars

In 1946, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania are conquered by the capitalist nations. Korea, Manchuria, Kuril Island, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States were conquered the next year.

Truman is murdered and the official story is that it was a russian spy. Rayburn suceeds him but then the power of McCarthy is bigger than ever. 

Two nuclear bombs are launched in Russia before surrender. The oil fields of Caucasus are conquered.

The UK and the US set up the Bermuda Conference, sending McCarthy and Churchill to talk. Churchill then starts to cut relations with the US, fearing the crazyness of McCarthy.

In 1948, Moscow and Petrograde are conquered by the Allies. Stalin is captured and later executed after the Moscow Trials

After the War

The UK government starts the programme New Europe, helping the governments of France and Belgium and reuniting Germany. McCarthy eventually becomes President, after Rayburn abdicates and calls for elections. He and other European leaders sign the Treaty of Riga (1948), defining the new European frontiers.

Mao declares the People's Republic of Manchuria, the first communist state since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But McCarthy eventually destroys it too.

However, the Western Europe makes a new superpower, with the European Friendship Commonwealth.

A Cold War begins. USA vs EFC. New allies, new enemies. Which part will win? And what will happen to the ones who lose?

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