The 23rd Amendment, normally referred to as the McCarthy Amendment is an alteration to the United States Constitution deisgned to make illegal Communism, and charge those who "practice" it for treason.

It is officially referred to as the 23rd Amendment, but in daily conversation and media it is almost always refered to as the McCarthy Amendment, so named for Senator Joseph McCarthy, the chief anti-Communists in congress when the amendment was passed.


It is illegal for any citizen of the United States, naturalized or born, to be a part of any Communist or otherwise radical leftist organization, party, or group, and illegal for any newspaper or publishing house to publish such ideas. Anyone who violates this amendment shall be classified as treasonous against the United States.


It has been stated by many prominent politicians and activists, that the McCarthy Amendment violates the first amendment of the Constitution. It has never been argued in the Supreme Court, but many district and appeal courts have heard cases for and against the McCarthy Amendment, with about half deciding for the McCarthy Amendment, and half against.

Repeal Efforts

The Socialist, Moderate and Libertarian parties have each taken to the repeal of the McCarthy Amendment, while most of the Conservative Party supports it. There are several political organizations devoted to keeping it in place and repealing it.

View by Americans

Polls have always showed that about half of Americans support the McCarthy Amendment, and half oppose it. It has been that way since it's inception in the constitution.

Parties banned under the McCarthy Amendment

  • Communist Party of America - 1958
  • Green Party of the United States - 1991

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