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McCain's First Term (2008) (1234)

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  • President: John McCain
  • Vice President: Mike Huckabee
  • Secretary of State: Jeb Bush
  • Secretary of Defense: Joe Biden
  • Secretary of Treasury: John W. Snow
  • Attorney General: John Ascroft
  • Secretary of the Interior: Gale Norton
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Bill Nelson and Ann M. Veneman
  • Department of Health and Human Services: Fred Thomson
  • Secretary of the Energy: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Secretary of the Education: Ron Paige
  • Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Ron Paul and Ralph Nader
  • Secretary of Economic Development: Bill Gates


1st January- Bush and McCain (both R) have a meeting about the New Bush Adminstarion.

14th January- McCain as Vice-President resigns from office

15th January- Dick Cheney (R) fills McCain's seat

20th January- McCain is inaugurated


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