The Mayan Empire
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Latin America
PMII Mayan Flag
Flag of the Mayan Empire
Mayan Empire 1929 AD
The Mayan Empire is shown in a dark purple in southern Antillia
Capital Chichen Itza
Largest city Chichen Itza
Language Mayan
Ethnic Group Mayan
Government Constitutional Monacrchy
  legislature Chambers
Established 600

The Mayan Empire is a Parliamentary Monarchy made up of 19 provinces and six other territories. It is mainly located in OTL Mexico/Latin America, with territory in OTL California, Northern Peru, Northern New Zealand, and Madura. It is bordered to the south by Burgundian colonies, to the east by Brandenburgian, Venitian, Hellenic, and Russian colonies, and to the north by a Chinese colony. It shares colonial borders with Japan. It was founded in the year 600, as the Mayan city-state of Chichen Itza. Beginning in 1450, it began expanding into bordering regions of similar ethnicity. When it had absorbed all of the Mayan city-states, the country transformed into the Mayan Empire. The Empire then began expansion into Zapotec city-states, and eventually into unoccupied territory. 


History of Chichen Itza prior to 1450

In the year 1450, Chichen Itza began to expand it's influence to the other Mayan city-states. In the 20-year period between 1450 and 1470, it expanded to encompass all of the Mayan city-states, becoming the Mayan Empire. In circa 1470, the Empire established the colony of Ceatl in OTL Cuba and Ometlacatl in OTL Haiti. From 1490 to 1570, the Mayan Empire expanded into the neighboring Zapotec lands. They took down several Zapotec opponents, most notably the Aztec Triple Alliance. Around 1520, a plague hit the Empire, killing a significant amount of the population. It subsided thanks to medical aid sent by Novgorod. A group of refugees went north, establishing the colony of Xaman. By 1570, they conquered most of the land belonging to OTL Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. In 1580, the Empire experienced a revolt, which resulted in the northernmost territories falling into civil disarray and the southern provinces needing to be quelled. To fund the reconquest, the Empire sold the territory of Ceatl to Scandinavia and the northern portion of Ometlacatl to Brandenburg. The colony of Haven was established as a place for the Catholic minority to go to practice freely. Since then, the population of the Empire has been slowly converting from Mayan tribal religions to Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

Current Situation


There are currently 19 states in the Mayan Empire:

(By Date of Establishment)

1. Chichen Itza

2. Mutul

3. Copan

4. Aayinha

5. Ometlacatl

6. Kabah

7. Mangue

8. Azteca

9. Mixtec

10. Huasteca

11. Xalisco

12. Chorotega

13. Boruca

14. Cahita

15. Guaycura

16. Cochimi

17. Chichimeca

18. Mogollon

19. Lesser Kaliforno

The Mayan Empire also has several other colonies, vassals, and overseas territories. (By Date of Establishment)

1. Greater Kaliforno (C) (Formerly Xaman)

2. Haven (C)

3. Apache (V)

4. North Maori (T)

5. Madura (T)

6. Halakin (C)

Urban Areas

Chichen Itza Temple
There are several urban areas in the Empire, the largest being the capital, Chichen Itza. It is located on the northern tip of the OTL Yucatan Peninsula.


The culture of the Mayan Empire is heavily influenced by the Mayan people. Other outside influences include the Zapotec culture and other tribes in the area. European influence can be seen in the technological advancement of the Empire, particularly in the navy. Native tribal religions have seen a decline in the wake of the arrival of Catholicism and Orthodoxy.


Currently, the Mayan Empire is ruled by the Oligarchy, the descendants of the Emperor. The line of succession continues in dynastical lineage, the throne being passed from parent to child.

Foreign Relations


Brandenburg - Big trade partner, ally in recent wars

Venice - Fought on the same side in several wars

Cyprus / Crete - Diplomatic relations, competing for land in Texas

Japan - Diplomatic relations

China - Diplomatic relations

Selk'nam - Diplomatic Relations, similar religions


France - Allies for a long time, then forced to fight against them


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