WIP (Work In Progress) The May Day Attacks was a series of terrorist attacks conducted by the government of Afghanistan against several nations across the world. They occurred three days ago on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The direct result of the attacks was the death of more than three thousand people world wide and the Russian-Ottoman-Pakistani-Chinese-American Invasion and subesquent Declaration of War on Afghanistan

Reminiscent of the 9/11 Attacks in 2001, this is regarded as the final straw in the War on Terror. The plan was being prepared since 2003, when Afghanistan sent numerous people worldwide to become legal pilots and then carry out the attacks on May Day.

List of Attacks

United States of America

72 Star US Flag
  • US Capitol Building:
    • Planes: Three
    • Casualties: Death of two Senator and numerous injuries.
  • Seattle Space Needle:
    • Planes: One
    • Casualties: Around 70 (The building was swiftly evacuated.)
  • Seattle May Day Parade
    • Planes: None, There was just some people shouting "Jihad!!!" and "Afghanistan!!!"
    • Casualties: One lady fainted and another guy had a heart attack.
  • Havana, Cuba:
    • Planes: Two (for each target)
    • Targets: State Capitol Building, Fidel Castro's House, Governor's Mansion
    • Casualties: The noon cleaners at the Capitol were killed.
    • Results: The dome of the Governor's mansion fell in and Fidel Castro's empty attic was crushed. The East Wing of the Capitol Building burned down.
  • Dallas, Texas
    • Planes: One
    • Target: City Hall
    • Casualties: The Mayor and Lieutenant Governor of Texas

United Kingdom

Flag of UK YAH
  • Dublin, Edinburgh, and Cardiff
    • Planes: Three (each)
    • Target: The Parliament Buildings
    • Casualties: Currently unknown number of Parliament members.



Ottoman Empire










New Granada

North Germany

West Germany

East Germany

North Poland

South Poland

Central America

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