Week 1

Hungary: Miklós Horthy, as regent of Hungary, decides to start operations to start drifting away from the Axis Powers. Hungary also commissions several new vehicles for war, including the 43M Geréb and the 85M Teréz, two tanks developed by István Produkciók for Hungary as war vehicles.

Poland: Władysław Anders, Prime Minister of Poland, keeps his armies prepared for possible aggressive actions. Meanwhile, Poland begins to increase production of food expecting a good summer. Poland contacts Yugoslavia via telegram offering them a secret proposal

Britain: We would like the Comintern to set our differences aside and sign a non-aggression pact with the Allies so we can defeat the Axis. We build our military. We warn the Japanese not to push into China any more and sign a treaty to end the war. If that's not agreed until September then the Allies would have to invade Japan. We invite neutral nations to join the Allies.

  • USSR Dip: We will not sign with the filthy capitalist regimes.
  • Yugoslavia: Hear, hear!

USA: The US government sends a request to open trade with the Swedish. The US also open more jobs in the military to reduce unemployment caused by the Great Depression and setup more laws to help protect citizens from racial violence.

Sweden: Gustaf V, as King of Sweden, decides to dramatically increase military buildup/spending, resulting in a 50% increase in the manufacture of Guns, Tanks, Planes, Ships, Artillery, etc. Sweden also commissions several new vehicles for war, including the STRV M/40, STRV L/50, STRV M/90, STRV SH/70 and PSVN LR/75. Finally, Sweden proposed the "Nordic Union" to its fellow Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway and Finland, defining it as an "Alliance, Defensive and Economic in nature, which would also establish a parliament or other body within which the countries involved could meet to debate issues of any kind which they found relevant, and act together on the issues which affected them all." Sweden also accepted the United States' request to open trade with them.

Yugoslavia: We improve our military technology, focusing on motor vehicles such as tanks. We would also like to annex Albania peacefully. We also develop our industry in the coastal areas.

Germany: The German Government bumps up construction of our air force and tanks. Adolf Hitler prepares for a speech in Berlin relating to his policies. Germany begins construction coastal defences on the entrance and the exit of the Kiel Canal.

Japan: Economy, infrastructure and military improves. Population continues to grow. Continue building a series of fighters, bombers and tanks on military factories. More houses, shops and factories are built. Theaters showing films and radio stations pop up in the nation becomes more popular. Continues to plan new reforms and continues investing heavily in technology and science. Roads and farms are improved and cities continues to grow. Continues building a series of armored destroyers, battleships, cruisers and cargo ships for the Japanese navy. Japan accepts Britain's offer of peace and Second Sino-Japanese War ends. In this treaty, Japan gains Manchuria and the former German colony Kiautschou Bay.

  • Britain: That's good with me!
  • Republic of China: We are unhappy that Japan are still at our nation, Manchuria. We declare to Japan that the war will not be stopped until they leave China alone. This includes the whole of east coast and Manchuria itself, will be governed by China and will not have Japanese influence.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We will declare that Yugoslavia must not annex Albania or face dire consequences.

  • Yugoslavia: Whatever. I'll get it some other time.

Spain: Following the end of the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco and his close allies begin to order the re-construction of Spain by significantly improving our economy, infrastructure and military forces. We begin the Reconstruction Era for Spain by building more railroads across the country. Franco respectfully declines Britain's offer for an alliance, and we secretly begin to slowly drift towards the Axis. We offer trade agreements with Germany and Italy.

  • Germany: We accept your Trade Agreement.
  • Italy: We will accept trade.

Saudi Arabia: With our new leader Abd al-Kader Yasin Laden coming from the Muslim brotherhood. He begins to set up a Parliament of Islamic: 220/410, Pro Axis: 70/410, Pro Allies: 70/410, Pro Comintern: 50/410. He also asks Russia if they can buy Russian weaponry. We also begin to replace military generals with better and dedicated people. We also ask Kuwait if they would like to annex themselves to us. We begin to work on our army, air force and navy. He also begins to supply Muslim separatists in the Xinjiang region of China (which has a Muslim majority) after the fall of the First East Turkestan Republic five years ago. We also ask the U.K if they would like to buy oil from us. We also begin to give Muslim brotherhood members asylum if they're ever wanted by their Government. We also begin plans to changed the flag. We begin to make a strong military and political Muslim Faction called the United Muslim Union (UMU). We send Pakistan an invitation to join the UMU.

USSR: Threatens Italy with war, and backs up Yugoslavia against Italy and Albania. We criticize Saudi Arabia and warns them that if they challenge Comintern interests in the region, we would prepare for war. Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia are occupied, we claim that it is for security reasons. The military and infra are improved.

Portugal: Despite the possible hope of invasion from Spain, we start to develop our military and start to drift into the Allies as we offer a trade agreement for the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • US: The United States accepts the trade request from Portugal.

Saudi Arabia Dip: Shocked by the Soviets insulting us and threatening us - two Parliament members leave the pro-Comintern with one joining the pro-west. Massive protests and flag burning against the Soviets. Abd al Kader calls upon every able-bodied man to join the armed forces and be ready to defend themselves (we do not want to go to war). We begin to use Sharia law. With the Russians at our necks we begin to drift to the Allies. We begin to make Russian weaponry knockoffs mostly T38 and PPSH. We condemn the Soviet occupation of Eastern Turkestan calling it a action to suppress Muslim in the Eastern Turkestan and demand that Pakistan condemn the Soviet actions. We allow Muslim Eastern Turks to Come to Saudi Arabia if they're ever wanted by their government.

Republic of China: We continue to work with the Communist forces since the 1930s. However, we have long since figured that Communist forces have grown by this and we quickly act in response. We clear Communist propaganda and spread our own, stating the good terms of capitalism and the reality of Communism rule. We have been constantly aware of Mao Zedong and Lin Biao and so we send troops to surround their major forces and capture them. Hundreds die in the action and we capture their Communist propaganda master, Lin while Mao escapes to western China. We are still trying to find him. Our current president, Liang Hongzhi, was assassinated and replaced by Chiang Zhong Zen. We look forward to the new leader’s rule and as the first week of his leadership, our Chinese forces become more united due to the fact that Chiang had six of the largest Chinese war lords assassinated. From our increase of arm- the unity of Chinese army, we make 30 divisions in our army and warn the Japanese to leave our major cities, Nanking, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjing, etc.

Week 2

Hungary: As a result of the Hungarian drifting away from the Axis, they propose an alliance request to Poland. They also start to build up military forces in preparation for expectedly inevitable war. We also hire István Produkciók again to design and construct more tanks.

  • Poland: We accept the alliance request.

United States: The US continues to put a focus onto its economy, creating new jobs in many new fields. The United States accepts the trade request from Portugal. Finally, the US condemns the occupation of Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia by the USSR.

Yugoslavia: We propose an alliance request to Hungary. We continue to upgrade our military technology. We condemn the Italian occupation of Albania.

  • Hungary: We accept your alliance request.

Poland: Poland begins construction of 1000 metal works factories across the country. They are to be built to decrease the unemployment and to increase income. The factories will produce small metal objects on mass such as cutlery, clothes pins, needles and bullets. Poland also offers Slovakia a chance to join the Polish Republic as a fully represented state. They would have their own government (with minor powers) and in exchange would have the full protection of Poland and all the benefits of that. Poland also ensures Slovakia that by joining the Republic they would be defended from another Hungarian war.

  • Slovakia: We decline due to your current state of relations with Hungary.

Sweden: Following what's happened in Week One, Kung Gustaf starts building a great deal of infrastructure throughout Sweden, including factories, shipyards, railroads, mines, etc. Gustaf also continues the military buildup, with yet more tanks and other weapons of war being produced, reportedly including a new flagship for the Swedish Navy, the HMS Gustavus Adolphus, amongst other things. Gustaf also sends a request to open trade to Miklós Horthy, leader of Hungary.

  • Hungary: We accept open trade.

Romania: We follow Hungary in drifting from the Axis. We begin to like Communism much more and ask USSR if we can join Comintern. We improve our economy and build up a large fighting force. Trade goes smooth and we ask any nation to trade with us. Inner conditions of the country are improved for the benefit of the public.

  • USSR Dip: Accepts.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We begin to fortify our borders in Albania, Venetia and Piedmont. We will in secret begin to support Croatian nationalism in Yugoslavia.

Germany: Germany begins construction of better railways and continuation of the construction of defences along the Kiel Canal. We also send a trade agreement to the neutrals and Axis members we have not had a trade agreement.

  • Sweden: We accept Germany's offer of a trade agreement.
  • Bulgaria: We also accept the trade agreement offer.
  • Hungary: Hungary too accepts the offer.

Spain: The Reconstruction Era of Spain continues to progress with the economy beginning to improve and the infrastructure continuing to be improved. We also continue to secretly drift towards the Axis, we offer trade agreements with Portugal and Romania, and we offer a temporary defensive pact with Germany and Italy.

  • Germany: We accept the Defensive Pact.
  • Italy: We accept the Defensive Pact.
  • Portugal: We will accept the trade agreement if you won't attack us in the future.

Bulgaria: Boris the Third condemns Hungary and the USSR's support of Yugoslavia and Romania's support of the USSR. Remilitarization and the mobilization of wartime industry begin. Bulgaria proposes a trade agreement with Italy.

  • Italy: We accept trade agreement.

USSR: Infra is improved. Forces are moved through Poland then Hungary to Yugoslavia.

Portugal: We improve on our infrastructure. We also accept the trade agreement from Spain in hope of not being invaded in the near future and despite protests from people inside of the country, the agreement isn't stopped.

Saudi Arabia: We unveil our new tank T39 a knockoff of the T34. We begin to make more wartime factories and to improve on our army increasing the number. We secretly work on missile technology. We ask the U.K, America and Germany if we can buy weaponry from them.

Republic of China: After our stop of war with the Japanese, we turn to fight the Communists and Chinese collaborators with the Japanese immediately. Mao Zedong is still in the run and we have sent multiple troops to find him. Communist forces have weakened but we are still fighting furiously against them after the temporary end to the second Sino-Chinese war. After several torturing and interrogation, we found Lin Bioa’s propaganda tactics and we will input them into our own tactics too in future. Our leader Chen Kai-Shek have assassinated two more Chinese warlords and make their army into the Nationalist army, the ROCA (Republic Of China Army). Our army from ROCA has increased from 5.5 million troops to six million. Therefore, our divisions increase to 50. Propaganda is continued to spread and we eradicate other spreads of propaganda from other groups and continue to warn the Japanese to leave our major cities, Nanking, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin. Finally, we kindly ask Britain, France and the USA to provide us military equipment and vehicles, including tanks, etc.

Week 3

Hungary: Hungary denies Bulgaria's allegations. We construct several new factories dedicated to war production, using which the production of the 104M Krév is sped up. Larger numbers of Hungarian forces halt the USSR advance in Hungary and tell the Soviet forces to withdraw, otherwise they will be neutralized. The first 104M Krév prototype is almost fielded.

  • Bulgaria: We don't exactly trust you, but we won't press the issue.
  • USSR: Tells Hungary they are sorry and will withdraw

Republic of China: After studying for Lin Bioa’s propaganda tactics, we gather all our ideas and have multiple conferences from the past week until now. We have plans to unite China and its army with the strategies planned, including the rise of student activists and mass spread of propaganda, especially to the peasants and the poor in order to raise their anger against the Japanese, further rising a great nationalist movement in China. We are planning these mass spread of propaganda in two weeks time. This week we are still hunting for Mao and our fighting with the Communist armies has been successful so far. We have over powered the warlords and estimate that in another two months, the Chinese army, ROCA, would be completely united under the leader of Chang Kai-Shek. Our army divisions have increased to 55 and we continue to kindly ask Britain, France, and the US to sell us their military equipment and vehicles. We further warn the Japanese to leave our major cities: Nanking, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjing, etc.

  • US: We accept, we will start sending supplies.

Poland: Poland deals with the denial easily but does not withdraw the offer. They send a trade request to Hungary.

  • Hungary: Hungary accepts the trade request.

Bulgaria: We continue our remilitarization and industrial weapons production. We request Italy to begin supplying us with weapons. In return, we agree to recognize Italy's claim to Albania and agree to help them defend it.

  • Italy: Italy supplies Bulgaria with weapons.

France: We ask our faction to make peace with the Axis and focus on the Comintern. We also help the Republic of China against the Communist China. We also ask for a call of war against the commies, especially Communist China. On behalf of my own country, I declare war on the Communists and send troops to the Republic of China to fight.

  • China: We thank the French for supplying us and help us fight the Communist Party in Mainland China. We tell the French once China climbs out of its valley, it will repay the French with finance and other goods.

Sweden: Following the events of Week Two, the infrastructure throughout Sweden is being built at a surprising rate, and King Gustaf has ordered more of it built. Military buildup has increased by nearly 200% since May 1st, and Gustaf has not stopped increasing it, and the first of many types of war machines, from tanks to planes to even a Railway Artillery Gun named Ulaf, will be deployed over the next few weeks. Sweden has begun extensive mining and other resource collecting efforts now that the first of the facilities for them are built. Sweden has also started secretly fabricating claims on their fellow Nordic countries and subtly manipulating their populations to be Pro-Swedish and Pro-United Scandinavia. Sweden also sends a request for a Trade Agreement to Władysław Anders, Prime Minister of Poland, and Swedish citizens are outraged at the soldiers of the USSR attempting to cross Hungary without military access from them.

  • Poland: Wladyslaw Anders accepts.

US: The US begins to build up industry once more, building factories to produce ammunition, tanks and weaponry, this helps create more jobs for those unemployed. The US government also accept the request to supply the Chinese. Finally, the US begins the construction of an aircraft carrier and two destroyers.

  • China: We thank the US and happily accept the military supplies.

Spain: The Reconstruction Era of Spain continues to progress with the economy beginning to improve and the infrastructure continuing to be improved. We continue to secretly drift towards the Axis, and we offer trade agreements with Sweden, Britain and the US.

  • Sweden: King Gustaf accepts Francisco Franco's offer of a trade agreement.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We begin to fortify our borders in Albania, Venetia and Piedmont. We will in secret begin to support Croatian nationalism in Yugoslavia. We will create the vassal of the Italian East Africa and Italian Libya. We will begin to create more government jobs to keep people employed.

Pakistan: Our leader, Muhammad Iqbal, has greeted everybody warmly. We kindly sent a request to Saudi Arabia for a peace meeting. We hope to have a friendship between us all. We also have upgraded our military all around, including air force, navy and army.

Saudi Arabia Dip: We ask Pakistan if they can join the UMU.

Pakistan Dip: We join the UMU after Saudi Arabia ask us to join.

Slovakia: Jozef Tiso, the Prime Minister and leader of the nationalist Slovak People's Party, decides to lean towards the anti-Communist Axis. Due to the recent conflict with Hungary back in March, the Slovak Army drills its troops and stays on alert. Tiso considers making two years of military service mandatory for all Slovak males. General Augustín Malár is appointed as the commander-in-chief of the army.

Saudi Arabia: We begin to mass produce our T39 and secretly open up training camp with groups like the Muslim brotherhood. First East Turkestan Republic war vet, and Pan-Islamism teaching them how to use weaponry and sabotage enemy forces. We begin to draft people in our army. We ask Iraq and Syria if they join the UMU we will defend them if they're under attack (mod response). We continue our missile technology planning to make something like this. We begin to work making a standing army. We rename Saudi Arabia the Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia.

  • Iraq: We will never ally with you!
  • Syria: We accept.

Nepal's actions are NOT counted until they have created a page.

Nepal: Nepal begins the preparations for going to war. We begin to work making a stronger standing army. We start the training to begin leaving the Gurkhas, who are already fighting against the Japanese at the Burmese front with the British, but not completely. We begin setting up installations in the Himalayas in case of invasion. We start the construction of an armoured rail car called the NP-90, AKA Jaṅgī jahāja, railroad tracks, bridges and water points. We send a delegate to Pakistan to try and set up some sort of peace talks. (Pakistan Response).

Nepal Dip: King Tribhuvan asks Bhutan for an alliance. (mod response).

  • Bhutan: Bhutan accepts.

Portugal: We continue to slowly drift towards the Allies as plans are out for the Bravia Chaimite which is going to be a vehicle that might aid us in the war that is starting to develop. We also say to Nepal, to withdraw from their declaration of war as it could bring the end of the nation without even knowing of it.

Yugoslavia: We issue an ultimatum to Italy stating that: they may either get out of Albania peacefully or Yugoslavia will take military action. We mobilise to prepare for the possibility of a denial. We continue to back up Poland against Slovakia.

Moderator Comment: Will all nations please remember to update your pages with weekly actions. Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, UK, USA, France, China, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Portugal and Slovakia all need to do at least one week's events and in some cases three week's.

Week 4

Hungary: Hungary stops drifting away from the Axis. Hungarian forces are returned to the military bases. The 104M Krév prototype is first fielded and tested against older Hungarian vehicles. We assure Slovakia that we have no intention of invading them again, rather wishing to stay away from war.

Republic of China: Conferences are still being held on the propaganda tactics that will be imputed into the whole of China, happening in only a week from now. We will be expecting (in two months) mass civilians gather ups to protest under the Japanese rule on Chinese land, including our major cities Nanking, Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing. We are also expecting mass student enlisting onto the Chinese army, ROCA. Our military equipment and supplies have massively increased after the offer from US and France. Furthermore, the Communist forces are estimated to have lost a third of their original army due to the joint forces between the ROCA and the French armies. War lords in our nation are continue to be dealt with and we imprison Lin Biao for the rest of his life. We have traces of Mao Zedong and expect to catch him in the next month or so. We declare that we will probably eliminate the Communist Party completely by the next year along with our war lords problems. We also thank US and France for their military aids and still ask Britain if they could help us on the Communist forces and the Japanese. By then, China will be united strongly and have a huge and unstoppable army. We continue to tell the Japanese to leave our major cities, Nanking, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjing, etc.

  • Britain send s aid to you.

Britain: We invite more nations to join the allies. We recruit more men to join the British men to join the British Army. We aid China and want the war to end by September. We would like to have a secret meeting with Adolf Hitler to discuss peace.

Canada: We declare war on Bulgaria.

Poland: Believing the eve of war is upon him, Wladyslaw Anders orders for the mass production of bullets, guns and tank ammo in the first 400 newly built factories. The Polish Army of 550,000 soldiers is mobilised to the German border. 450,000 troops dig in for a defence and 100,000 remain among Poland's major cities. Prime Minister Anders calls for conscription to people between the ages of 16 - 30. Poland gives the area known as The Polish Corridor to Hungary for free as a gesture of kindness.

Sweden: Following the events of Week Three, infrastructure in Sweden is now being completed alarmingly fast and the Swedes are continuing to build more of it as well as new military bases, airfields and ports to accommodate the large number of recently recruited soldiers and soon to be released weapons of war. Some of those new weapons of war are being deployed this week, such as the STRV M/40 Heavy Tank, Uggla Fighter-Bomber, HMS Valdemar and HMS Ragnar The Red. Reports indicate the Ulaf gun will be deployed in two weeks. Kung Gustaf has ordered that defenses should be built throughout the country in case of an attack, and more resources continue to be allocated to military buildup, raising it now to be approximately 250% of what it was on May 1st. However, it's estimated that once it reaches around 300%, Kung Gustaf will leave its budget and resource allocations where they are. Resource collection also continues to rise as facilities to do so are completed, and small towns with train stations are starting to be built around these facilities, most especially the mines. Sweden also continues secretly manipulating the other Norse people's opinion of them and the idea of a united Scandinavia to great effect, in addition to having some success fabricating claims on their fellow Norse countries, especially Finland and Denmark. Kung Gustaf sends a request for a Trade Agreement to Abd al-Kader Yasin Laden of the Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia Dip: We will agree to the Trade Agreement if we get military weaponry including the STRV.

Bulgaria: Boris the Third thanks the Italians for their assistance. We begin creating facilities for the production of Italian tank models (such as the Carro Armato and Fiat series) and ammunition, and begin producing these. We ready the military for the war with Canada.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We begin to fortify our borders in Albania, Venetia and Piedmont. We will in secret begin to support Croatian nationalism in Yugoslavia.(Mod) We will begin to create more government jobs to keep people employed. We will request German help in building our armed forces.

  • Germany Dip: We will send Panzer IIIs and STUG IIIs to support your military development as well as Panzer IIs.

Germany: The Construction of fortresses along the Kiel Canal is finished after three weeks. Convoys carrying troops and supplies between Mainland Germany and Koeningburg increase.

USSR: With war between the Allies and Axis approaching, we declare neutrality. However, the other members of the Comintern may do as they like. We send aid to Poland to help them arm and declare that Romania must pick a side.

Slovakia: We acknowledge the statements of Hungary, but nonetheless, we keep the army on alert. Josef Tiso signs into law that all Slovak males need to undergo a minimum of two years of military service. The first group of conscripts is called up. Also, as part of our drifting towards the Axis, we ask Germany if we can purchase several BF-109 fighters for the Slovak Air Force.

Romanian Dip: We drift away from the Axis completely to be on the Soviet side.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We begin to make military service mandatory for males from 18 to 35 for five years. We begin to increase training camp and numbers of "rebels" teaching them how to use tanks. We begin testing missiles with all of them ending in failure. We ask the UK, US, Japan, and Germany if we can buy weaponry from them. We begin to work on the Katyusha rocket launcher knockoff. We begin to fear that with more Jews coming to Palestine a Jewish state will appear in the Holy Lands.

  • Germany Dip: Germany will sell weapons, however, not Panzer IVs or IIIs. And you may not redistribute any modifications made to the tanks you are given or any weapons given.
  • Sweden Dip: Sweden agrees to Saudi Arabia's terms, but they will only sell the base variant of the STRV M/40, and they will not sell the SH/70 or Ulaf, nor can Saudi Arabia redistribute the weapons, including tanks, sold to them, modified or not.
  • Saudi Dip: OK.
  • USSR Dip: Stop copying Soviet designs or else war will be declared.
  • US Dip: We will sell you T2 tanks which you are available to modify as you wish. However, you are not allowed to sell the tanks to anyone else.

Pakistan Dip: Our leader, Muhammad Iqbal, went with seven Pakistani representatives to go to Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia for a peace talk. However, an engine failure caused the plane to disappear around the Arabian Gulf, most possibly killing Muhammad Iqbal and the representatives. Uthman el-Hallaj was appointed to be the new leader. Across from that, we have received the message from Nepal and we have accepted their alliance. We finally declared that we have upgraded our technology all-around.

Portugal: Plans continue on the Bravia Chaimite as we continue our drift towards the Allies.

Yugoslavia: We declare war on Italy. We begin involuntary conscription and mass-produce weapons. Wartime rationing begins. We invite all nations to join the war on our side.

Nepal: We continue to expand the military and continue to build the NP-90. We start building a fort outside of Kathmandu. We continue to work on infrastructure.

Nepal Dip: We ask Bhutan for a trade agreement and we ask Bhutan if we can station troops near its capital to help protect Bhutan. (Mods Response)

  • Bhutan: We accept.


Week 1

Mod Note: Please re-perform your actions for Week one, due to vandalism, most page edits have been reverted. You can re-perform your actions for week one until the end of week 2!

Hungary: The 104M Krév passes the test and is officially commissioned in the Hungarian army. We thank Poland for the area gifted to us, and István Produkciók is immediately contacted to design new battleships. We request access to the Polish areas so we can move forces from the Polish corridor to Hungary.

Poland: After an overwhelming majority, the Polish government forces conscription to be abolished. Poland sends a trade request to the US.

  • US: We accept.

Sweden: Following the events of May, infrastructure in Sweden is reaching, quite possibly, its highest development yet, and Kung Gustaf is still ordering more built. Military facilities and fortifications are being built much the same way, and their construction is not ceasing either. The Swedish military now employs approximately 625,000 soldiers and is still recruiting. The defenses across the Swedish borders are now referred to as the Stora Väggar, or Great Walls in English, and are also yet to be finished. However, they are a high priority construction, and are expected to be done within two weeks. Military buildup, especially weapons manufacturing, is now at approximately 275% of normal, which some would consider excessive, especially so since Sweden is already a major arms manufacturer, and resource collection continues to rise with completed infrastructure, with Sweden expected to mine over 12 million tons of iron ore this year, with more small settlements being built around the facilities, primarily mines. Sweden also secretly continues, to continually noticeable effect, manipulating the other Nordic countries' populations into being Pro-Swedish and Pro-Scandinavian Union, and having greater success than before getting claims on Denmark and Norway, and having so much success doing so to Finland due to their shared history that they expect to be finished fabricating on Finland in two weeks. Sweden also announces they will likely be deciding on an alignment by the end of this year, depending upon coming events. Finally, Sweden re-sends the proposal of the Nordic Union to the other Nordic countries, since apparently it got lost on the way to all three of them. See Week 1 for further details.

US: The United States begins to supply Britain and France with weapons and ammunition via the Atlantic Ocean in the event of war against them. We also begin to mass produce the M2 Medium Tank and the P40. Also, we accept the request from Saudi Arabia as we wish to remain on good terms with them. Finally, we accept the trade request sent to us by Poland.

Bulgaria: We continue creating facilities capable of producing Italian tanks and ammunition, and begin production in those that exist. We also begin experimenting with aircraft. We request German military support.

  • Italian Dip: We request help since you agreed to the defensive alliance if Yugoslavia attacked Albania.
  • Bulgarian Dip: We're getting to that.

Slovakia: The Slovak Army continues to mobilize conscripts for their mandatory service. Not including the people being drafted right now, the army stands at 40,000 men. We begin to produce more Skoda Lt vz-35 tanks. Infrastructure and agriculture are improved. The government-controlled media starts to cease anti-Hungarian messages since we would like to be part of the Axis. As part of our tilt to the Axis, we ask Germany if we can purchase Bf-109 fighters for our air force.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We will in secret begin to support Croatian nationalism in Yugoslavia.(Mod). We will request German help in building our armed forces. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks.

  • Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We rename the UMU the Pan-Islamism Union (PIU) putting rules for the new union: 1) They must use Sharia Law. 2) They must have a standing army. 3) They must help other PIU members if they're under attack. 4) Their leaders must be Pan Islamic. We send Turkey, Yemen and Palestine (mod response) to join the PIU. We send Malcolm X an invite to Hajj. With tanks from Russia, America, Sweden, and Germany we begin to work on one tank that combines all of the other tanks. We begin to build more tanks, MRE, bomb shelters, ammo, guns, and gear. We begin to train more rebels raising the number to 40,000 giving them three weeks of military and guerrilla warfare training. We begin to change the Saudi flag color to Black and White still allowing the old green flag to be used.
    • USSR Dip: As we have continuously said, do not use Russian tanks! Boycotts and sanctions are now in place. If you continue, war will be declared.
    • Saudi Dip: We will stop using Russian tanks in our tank mashup but use our T39 tanks that are Saudi made, but in return of Russian sanctions we put a sanction on Russia, we ask all PIU members,Ally,and Axis powers to boycott and put sanctions on Russia.

Republic of China: Propaganda tactics have been imputed in our nation, throughout the whole of China. Already, nationalist uprisings are occurring in Japanese Occupied regions and anti-Communist ideologies are spreading. The ROCA and French forces are continuously fighting the Communist forces. We expect this Communist and nationalist war to end by the end of July and start of September, since we have eliminated 30 of their 40 divisions. Their major bases have been revealed again and again and so we continue to advance into their land. We have coordinated most of their possible locations with the French and know that eliminating the Communists in China is only a matter of time now. Warlord problems are still being dealt with but we know it will end in this month. We ask to trade with Britain, France, USA, Canada, and Australia. Our armies are further uniting and we continue to tell the Japanese to leave our major cities.

  • US: We accept.

Nepal: We continue to expand the military and continue to build the NP-90. We begin to arm our border with China in case of attacks.

Nepal Dip: We ask India to join a trade agreement and we ask King Jigme Wangchuck of Bhutan for a daughter to marry Prince Himalaya. (Mod Response)

  • India: We accept.

China Dip: We ask Nepal for a peace and should focus on defending ourselves from the rise of Communism and Imperialism.

Nepal Dip: We tell China we aren't planning to attack.

Week 2

Note: Week 1's actions can still be edited until the end of Week 2.

Hungary: The 104M Krév is tirelessly produced case of a war directed at Hungary. Hungary starts mass recruiting and soon has an army employed of more than 120,000 men. We condemn the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia.

Australia: We improve our military and economy. We develop the tanks of M3 Stuarts and American M1A1 Abrams, with some armoured vehicles also in development at the start of a war. We began to build the navy ships. Military produces more recruitment of troops.

Bulgaria: Boris the Third says to Hungary the equivalent of "Bite me" and declares war on Yugoslavia. We begin testing on the Kaproni Bulgarski KB4 Chuchuliga II bomber. Meanwhile, production begins in weapon and armor facilities and the infantry and armor divisions that already exist begin their invasion of Yugoslavia.

US: We support Hungary's condemnation of the Italian invasion of Yugoslavia. We also accept the Chinese request for trade. As well as this, we ask Australia for trade and wish to have good relations with them. We warn the Japanese to stop attacking the Australians and to give up the Chinese cities they own and are prepared to go to war if they fail to comply. Finally, we build huge industrial areas in the north in states like Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio.

  • Australia: We accept.
  • Japan Dip: The Imperial Office of Japan would like to point out that land occupied in China was agreed by a peace treaty which by international law is legal occupation.

Japan: As our economy grows we start to produce weapons of mass destruction and send trade requests to Axis members. We improve our military and ignore China's threats, we send hundreds of thousands of men to stand in Chinese cities we own. Our newly reformed Imperial Navy fires at major Australian ports and our Air Force bombs all supply ships sending aid to China. We also arrest Chinese people who are going to protest and we air bomb the two sides of the war China is currently in.

  • Hungary We accept.
  • Bulgaria: We also accept.
  • US: We warn the Japanese to stop attacking Australia and to release their land captured from china, failure to do so will result in war.

Republic of China: Despite Japanese pressure on our rebelling civilians  we continue to mass spread propaganda. By doing so, many more civilians have enlisted themselves to the ROCA and more nationalist uprisings are occurring in Japanese Occupied regions and anti-Communist ideologies are spreading. The ROCA and French forces are continuingly fighting the Communist forces. Communist forces are spread very thin and we expect to eliminate them in two weeks. We continue to trade with US and ask to trade with the other allies nations. Our armies are further uniting and we continue to tell the Japanese to leave our major cities.

Poland: Public announcement: "I have been locked in a room with some of the highest authorities in Poland and we have came to a conclusion. The Polish Republic declares war on Italy and Bulgaria. We support our allies, Yugoslavia and support the Albanian people!" - Wladyslaw Anders. Poland sends 300,000 soldiers and tanks through Hungary to the Yugoslavian border with Italy. On arrival they are informed to kill every opposing Italian force they come across. Poland begins a massive drive for recruits and tanks and weapon production begins. The Polish Air force requests the use of Hungarian air bases to have a closer base from which to attack.

  • Hungary: Hungary permits Poland to use Hungarian air bases. Polish forces are also permitted to use Hungarian supplies if necessary.

Sweden: Following the events of Week One, infrastructure in Sweden is reaching a point where it will soon not be easily possible, let alone practical, to build more of it, and thus what of it that's currently under construction will be some of the last to be built currently, and the military facilities and fortifications throughout the country are ending up much the same way, and both shall likely be finished by next week. The Swedish military currently employs 675,000 soldiers and recruitment numbers are on the rise with a sudden wave of nationalism, the Stora Väggar are proceeding on schedule and will be completed by the end of next week, military buildup has gone beyond the highest point in Sweden's recorded history, and is now at 300% above the "normal" it was at on May 1st, and more weapons are being deployed including but not limited to the Ulaf gun. Resource collection continues, and the materials gathered are being sent almost entirely to the weapons factories, with some of the fastest factories producing one tank every hour. Sweden continues, still successfully, secretly manipulating the populations of, and fabricating claims on, the other Nordic countries, with the claims on Finland being expected to be finished by the end of next week. Both the Swedish government and population are outraged at the Bulgarians, and are now sending supplies to Hungary, Poland and Yugoslavia, as well as, apparently, readying their military for war.

USSR: Due to an unprovoked attack on Yugoslavia we come out of neutrality to defend Yugoslavia. Crossing through Romania to Yugoslavia (Romania joined the Comintern), our forces pour into Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and we warn the Germans not to intervene.

  • Bulgarian Dip: Boris the Third would like to point out that Yugoslavia declared war on Italy and invaded its territory, and that we were coming to the Italians' aid.
  • Sweden: Kung Gustaf V would like to point out the same thing as Boris III to the USSR.
  • USSR: Stalin ignores these "diplomacies".
  • Sweden: Kung Gustaf would also like to point out to Stalin that if we join the war we would be on the same side, and that Germany likely will get involved purely because the USSR has gotten involved.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build out military, infrastructure and economy. We will in secret begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro. We even help them form militias to help our troops. in Yugoslavia.(Mod). We will request German help in building our armed forces. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We will move one million of our border and begin attacking. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks. We would like to state that Yugoslavia declared war against us and invaded us.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: seeing a war forming in Europe between the Axis and Communist nations we ask all PIU members to be on guard if the war spills into the Middle East or worldwide. We are still waiting for Egypt, Sudan, Mali, and Indonesia We send Egypt, Sudan, Mali, and Indonesia (mod response) an invite to join the PIU. We continue our tank mashup telling Sweden, Germany and the US the new tank is not a modified version of tanks but a new tank made by us. We secretly continue testing our missile with more failure asking Pakistan if they can help us. We begin to work on a new weapon called a R.L and build more tanks, guns, MRE, bomb shelters. We secretly begin to work on radar.

  • Sweden: Sweden acknowledges Saudi Arabia's statement regarding their new tank.

Slovakia: President Josef Tito announced on Bratislava Radio that the Slovak government has chosen to remain neutral for now. However, the Slovak army has been deployed on the borders, just in case any of our neighbors get any funny ideas. We again ask Germany if we can purchase Bf-109 fighters from them.

Ireland: With mixed attitudes towards the Axis, the Allies and the Comintern, debates in the Parliament are held to decide to which faction Ireland shall shift. We also improve our military, mass producing and tanks and recruiting soldiers whilst improving infrastructure. We offer trade agreements to the following countries: Sweden, USA, Britain and Spain.

  • Sweden: Sweden accepts trade with the Irish.

Canada: We launch a bombing raid on a Bulgarian Harbour using 20 Swordfish based in Hungary. We sink one destroyer and a patrol boat. We hit a fuel store which is enveloped in flames, killing 100 sailors. We ask Nepal for a trade agreement and we urge Spain to sell use 200 Second-Hand BF110s. We issue an ultimatum to Denmark to cede us Greenland by tomorrow. If they refuse we will invade. We refuse the Irish offer of a treaty. We launch a bombing raid with 30 Stirlings and 90 Welleslys and bomb Cork, destroying a vital ammunition dump, and destroying 200 houses resulting in a firestorm that kills 1580 people, including the Danish ambassador to Ireland. We ask Sweden to declare war on Denmark and Ireland. The Royal Canadian Navy lands 10,000 troops in Northern Ireland and captures one merchant ship. Canada changes its national anthem to Diamonds on the soles of her shoes. We request a secret meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia and Winston Churchill. We finish construction of 20 Sparrows.

  • Hungary: We never allowed you to base Swordfishes in Hungary, though we will now since you're fighting Bulgaria.
Week 3

Poland: Polish forces engage the Italians as they cross. The Poles are dug in with defences around the border towns. Anti-tank guns and artillery are moved to effective ranged and the one million Italian army are engaged as they advance. Poland sends a decree of help to the USSR begging them to send forces to assist on the border. They request tanks, anti-tank guns, artillery, foot soldiers even cavalry, whatever can be spared. The Polish Air force begins bombings of Italian border towns with the targets being civilians and civilian structures. Additionally 202,938 civilians sign up to join the army and begin a one-month basic training course.

  • USSR dip: Everthing that can be sent will be sent.

Hungary: Hungary urges Germany to reorganize the Axis, this due to the rising tensions between current Axis members. Heavy 104M Krévs with Polish roundels are sent to Yugoslavia to engage Italian forces. Hungary urges Bulgaria to stand down from the war, otherwise having to face Hungarian forces in battle, or risking being expelled from the Axis. Hungary urges Germany to force Bulgaria to stand down.

  • Bulgaria Dip: We'll try, but we can't exactly guarantee anything what with the Soviet invasion.

Bulgaria: Facing threats from the USSR, Poland, and even members of the Axis, Bulgaria announces that it will stop its invasion of Yugoslavia. Forces that had been invading Yugoslavia are removed from the country to combat Soviet troops in Bulgaria. However, Bulgaria will continue to support Italy with weapons where possible. Testing continues on the KB4, with results looking positive. The first KB4s are produced for military use, along with continued production of other vehicles and weapons. We propose a vote to remove Germany as head of the Axis.

US: We commission two South Dakota-class Battleships on the west coast, as well as one Yorktown-class Aircraft carrier. We begin sending escort ships with the supply ships headed to China fitted with AA, to deter Japanese attacks.

Germany: The Germans after successful tests of the HE-176 begins the prepare it for mass production. Germany expels Bulgaria from the Axis due to the trouble that Hungary has had with them, and with other Axis members. The Germans begin training more troops and constructing more weapons because of the tensions all over the world.

Japan: We support Bulgaria's cause for a vote to remove Germany as head of the Axis. Our navy successfully occupies many ports in Australia such as Adeline, Botany Bay, Darwin, etc. We declare the occupation of Chinese cities is legal as it was signed in a treaty we continue to arrest Chinese protesters are we continue to bomb ships sending aid to China except those of the British. We send an alliance agreement to the UK, knowing that if tensions continue to rise in the Axis we will need an ally. We offer Mao Zedong asylum in Tokyo. Lastly we continue trade with Hungary and Bulgaria and declare war on Australia for territorial expansion.

Australia: We declare also a war with Japan, sending tanks and ships to defend our territory. Meanwhile, Australian Government warns civilians to take cover due to an immense Japanese attack coming to the coast of Australia. This means that the war has breaked out against Japan which cost a failure to accept a peace with Japan, and with that we ask US for a help fending off Japan.

Slovakia: The Slovak army continues production of LT vz. 34 tanks. The army currently stands at fifty thousand men, now that some conscripts have been called up for their two-year service, with more on the way. President Tiso asks if Slovakia can join the Axis.

USSR: We continue our invasion of Bulgaria in the face of continued resistance. We give Poland all that they need. The BT series and the T26 and other pre-war tanks are phased out by the T34 and KV series. We condemn the Japanese war with Australia and threaten war should they continue.

Britain: We continue our invasion of Ireland. We decide to declare war on Japan after they declared war on our ally, Australia. British ships sail into the Pacific to meet the Japanese ships. When we get to Japan we will begin an invasion of Japan. We demand that Japan pull out all troops from Australia. We send troops and military equipment to the Republic of China because we are at war with them. We would like to station British ships in Western American ports, in exchange we can give America some money. Our army expands with more men joining.

Irish Diplomacy: We request a ceasefire to Britain.

Republic of China: We declare that annexing one country's land for own ambition is never legal and we show complete hostility against the Japanese for their attempt of help in Communist groups in China. Despite Japanese pressure on our rebelling civilians we continue to mass spread propaganda. Many more civilians have enlisted themselves to the ROCA and more nationalist uprisings are occurring in Japanese Occupied regions and anti-Communist ideologies are spreading, so much that the numbers are reaching tens of thousands. The ROCA and French forces are continually fighting the Communist forces and we know that we can eliminate them in the next week. We have reached the last Communist controlled city of theirs where Mao Zedong is in. We surround it and lay siege along with the French forces. ROCA is growing stronger after the elimination of plenty war lords and the supplies Britain, US, and France are all providing. We continue to trade with our allies nations. We deeply condemn the actions of Japanese and continue to tell the Japanese to leave our major cities.

Sweden: Following the events of Week Two, the infrastructure, military facilities and fortifications throughout Sweden are complete, and would take a long, drawn-out campaign by even the largest of armies to get through them. The Swedish military currently employs 725,000 soldiers, and recruitment is continuing. The construction of the Stora Väggar is on schedule and will be completed by the end of this week. The last of the recently developed weapons will be deployed by the end of this week, with the HMS Gustavus Adolphus, the new Swedish flagship and a battleship, leaving the shipyard next week. Sweden now has over 10,000 tanks, not to mention planes, ships, etc., with weapons production continuing. Sweden continues secretly fabricating claims on and manipulating the populations of their fellow Nordic countries, with the claims on Finland to be finished by the end of this week. However, Sweden's secret manipulation of their fellow Nordic people's has had an unexpected side-effect. People throughout Scandinavia: Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, Finns, Icelanders and all the rest are now becoming Pan-Nationalist Scandinavians. This may eventually result in a single, united Scandinavian nation, perhaps without any of the current leadership in power, and Sweden is now secretly supporting this multi-national movement. Kung Gustaf calls a meeting with the rest of the Nordic leadership in Copenhagen or Stockholm, in order to discuss this new Pan-Nationalist movement.

Ireland: With the British Invasion happening there are rumours that Ireland might join the Comintern or the Axis. We send 300,000 soldiers, tanks and planes to defend Ireland and are able to stall the British attacks from the North and East. We conduct several air strikes on British Factories and cities including Edinburgh and Manchester, some fail miserably. We also use guerrilla warfare, camouflage and espionage to our advantage. One of our spies successfully bombed Number 10 Downing Street, killing 14 Government officials and badly injuring the Prime Minister. Propaganda is used to recruit more men and women to defend Ireland once again.

Saudi Dip: We agree with the Irish defending themselves from the Brits. We send aid to Ireland. We condemn the UK invasion and call for the Brits to pull out telling the UK we don't want bad blood between us but the invasion seems very unjust. We ask other PIU members to condemn the invasion.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We secretly begin to send "rebels" to Iraq (with heavy weaponry,small arms and tanks) to help Sunni Pan Islamism separatist groups telling them to take town.They easily took the cites of Hit, Falluja, Ramadi, Najaf, Karbala, Al Nukhib, Albu Nimr, Rahhaliyah, using tanks and heavy weapons. (Just I.S.I.S and the Ukrainian civil war rolled into one) with heavy fighting in Abu Ghraib. We secretly begin to help Kurds and Iraqi Shia fight against Iraq and create Kurdistan and a new Shia nation with Saudi backing using the Simele massacre and 1935–36 Iraqi Shia revolts to inspire them sending them weaponry. We tell the east and west not to intervene or else.We are still waiting for Egypt, Sudan, Mali, Indonesia, Turkey, Yemen, Palestine being invited to the PIU (Mod Response). We continue our missile test with success having one fly up into the air before exploding in midair.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build our military, infrastructure and economy. We will begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in secret. We even help them form militias to help our troops in Yugoslavia.(Mod). We will request German help in building our armed forces. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We will move one million troops to our border and begin attacking. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks and continue to attack Yugoslavia because of continued resistance.

Portugal: We continue with one swing towards the Allies. While testing for the Bravia Chaimite is a success and the production of the vehicle will start in July, the intention of sliding towards the allies is revealed with António de Oliveira Salazar saying that they want to keep the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance alive and not broken if we did swing towards the Axis. We'd also like to request the US give us some Curtiss P-40 Warhawks to aid in the war as part of the trade agreement.

  • US: We accept, we will begin shipping them over the Atlantic.
Week 4

Australia: The war still continues with us and Japan, while we send more of our troops to defend the territory, some tanks and ships. Gladly some help like British Forces looked to be in our side to defend our land, fending off the Axis. Meanwhile, some more recruited troops might have to take a breach invasion on Japan while they launched a immense attack on us by declaring a war. Government said that civilans shouldn't be worried about it but at least some help will increase good relations.

US: The US decides to come to the aid of Australia and declare war on Japan. Two fleets stationed on the west coast are sent across the pacific, along with three aircraft carriers. Three more ships are commissioned, all three of them heavy cruisers. We also urge the British to stop their war with Ireland and to instead befriend the Irish. 10,000 jobs are created in the shipbuilding industry as America enters wartime status and the US military begin large recruitment drives. Finally, we begin to supply the Portuguese with P40s.

Britain: We offer the Treaty of Dublin to Ireland to stop the British Unification War.

  1. Ireland must join the allies.
  2. Ireland and Britain will have a 50 year peace pact.
  3. Britain will take half of Ireland and have control of Dublin and Cork. Dublin and Cork will be retaken by Ireland after 50 years
  4. Britain must help Ireland rebuild.
  5. Ireland must join the Commonwealth.
  6. Britain may take 50% of Ireland tax on the people.
  7. Britain will help Ireland build railways, expand cities, build houses and other things.
  8. Ireland new capital will be Gateway.
  9. Ireland must oay for the damage what they have done to the Prime Minster and the factories.
  10. When Britain declares war on a nation, then Ireland has to join them.

Signatures for Treaty Ireland - Britain - AH28

Discussion of the treaty:

In other news, the prime minister, Chaplain resigns as prime minister after injuries from the bombing at Number 10 Downing Street. The election will happen in a month's time. We continue our wars against Japanese aggression. We station ships in Western American Ports. We send aid to Australia. We remain silent about the Yugoslavia invasion saying that if Italy doesn't declare war on us about Japan, then the same here.'

Ireland: We do not agree with terms 6, 5, 1 and 10. Taking 50% of our citizens taxes are out of the question, but we will allow you taking 20% We will not join the Allies nor the Commonwealth if it means another invasion or attack from the Axis or the Comintern. We don't agree with 10 because we prefer neutrality. However, we will allow Irish volunteers to support Britain or any allied nation in any case of invasion. Here is our version:

The Treaty of Dublin (Irish Version)

  1. Ireland will remain neutral but will allow Iridh volunteers to support any Allied Nation.
  2. Ireland and Britain must have a 50 year peace pact.
  3. Britain will take half of Ireland and have control of Dublin and Cork. Dublin and Cork will be retaken by Ireland after 50 years
  4. Britain must help Ireland rebuild.
  5. Britain may have 20% of the taxes of the Irish people.
  6. Britain must help Ireland with building infrastructure.
  7. Ireland's new capital will be Gateway.
  8. Ireland must pay for the damage what they have done to the Prime Minster and the factories.

Signatures for treaty:

Ireland- Zlello.


In other news Ireland continues its trade with Sweden and continues rebuilding Ireland from the war damage and start to recover from it. We start recovery centres for the homeless that were affected from the war. Debates are again held to debate on what faction Ireland shall drift to. Drifting to the Allies is already out of the question.

Bulgaria: We offer terms to the Soviets, declaring that we would completely stop supporting the invasion of Yugoslavia if they stopped invading us. We declare a state of emergency, moving personnel from non-vital civilian industries and into wartime production. We begin construction of defensive fortifications around major cities, as well as infrastructure within the country. We continue producing massive numbers of weapons and tanks, as well as ramping up production of the KB4.

  • USSR: We accept.

Yugoslavia: We draw troops away from the Bulgarian front. Amid protests in regions of Yugoslavia, we grant more autonomy to all regions of Yugoslavia. We reiterate that the tensions in Albania began after Italy forcibly annexed Albania, an illegal act in the eyes of Yugoslavia. After many requests to withdraw, Italy did not accept, causing a war. Therefore, we deny Italian propaganda claiming that we started the war. We are prepared to accept peace with Bulgaria. We state that we will not be involved in the wars of the Pacific unless the Comintern is directly attacked.

Japan: Under threat of invasion, the Emperor declares The Protection Act, every civilian - even children - are taught to use weaponry to defend Japan, boys as young as eight can join the army. Following their declaration of war five Kamikaze plots were attempted in American territory. The first one being in an American occupied port in Australia, another in Hawaii destroying the island with smoke. The 3rd being in New York destroying multiple skyscrapers and killing many and the last two being in Washington DC, both aiming at The White House. One successfully hit the house injuring the president but not killing him, the other crashed into a cafe. We send messages to all Axis members to help us. Meanwhile, 100,000 troops are sent into China. A massive invasion of Australia with 900,000 men (mostly Japanese convicts and Chinese nationals conscripted into the army), land in Botany Bay and are waiting to attack Canberra and capture the capital. Meanwhile, we send our Imperial navy to attack British and American ships.

  • The USSR declares war on Japan

The above action is considered meta-gaming and as such not counted.

Poland: With the Hungarian and Russian reinforcements the Polish army begins to reach a stalemate. The Polish air force changes its targets to the Italian naval vessels off the Yugoslav coast. Poland sends a trade request to the USSR. Wladyslaw Anders announces that he is willing to sign a declaration of cease fire at any time on the condition that it leads to peace talks.

  • USSR accepts

Sweden: Following the events of Week Three, The Swedish military is continuing to recruit more soldiers and currently employs about 775,000. The Stora Väggar have been completed, and with that in addition to the fortifications completed last week, attacking Sweden seems a very daunting task. The last of the recently developed weapons have been deployed, and AB Landsverk and others are now are already developing new, improved weapons to replace them in a few months. The HMS Gustavus Adolphus was successfully launched today, and the Swedish navy now consists of three aircraft carriers, seven battleships, 12 escort carriers, 27 cruisers, 50 destroyers and hundreds of amphibious, supply and auxiliary ships. Sweden continues secretly fabricating claims on and manipulating the populations of the other Nordic countries and secretly supporting the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists. Sweden has finished fabricating claims on Finland, which will be gone if not pressed within a year, and the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists now consist of 10% of the collective population of Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard, the Aland Islands, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, the numerical equivalent of which is about 2.609 million people, and their support is rising. Sweden appears to be considering declaring war on Italy in support of Yugoslavia, but the involvement of Germany has caused them to take some time to reconsider.

''Republic of China: After a hard fighting with the Communist forces along with the French and our allies country’s, w'e declare Communism has been eliminated from China! With the elimination of Communist forces and the unition of all Chinese forces in China, the ROCA has reached to an active force of 17,000,000 army men (17 million), fully equipped with US and Britain military equipment and backed with sufficient military supplies. With the mass spread of propaganda and the uprisings in Japanese occupied territories, we decide it is best to take back our cities now. Without hesitation, we declare war on the Japanese. We separate our active army in two. One goes north and tries to liberate our cities, Beijing and Tianjing. Another goes straight east to fight and liberate Shanghai and our capital Nanjiing. Our soldiers have high morals after our mass spread of propaganda and the updated news of the rape of Nanking is also now broadcasted. Our armies are frothing with anger and are determined to fight to their deaths. For our mother country, WE SHALL FIGHT!