Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius
Timeline: Gaul Rising

Maxentius 4th century sculpture
Early 4th century sculpture of Maxentius

47th Emperor of the Roman Empire
September 3, 321 – November 12, 321

Predecessor: Maximian
Successor: Septumvirate (provisionally)
Caesar of the Dominium Caesaris: None

3rd Caesar of the Dominium Caesaris
August 30, 308 – September 3, 321

Predecessor: Maximian
Successor: Ablabius
Born: June 10, 278
Macedonia, Roman Empire
Died: November 12, 321
Religion: Roman paganism
Maxentius (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius) was the third Caesar of the Dominium Caesaris of the Roman Empire, and was briefly Supreme Senator of the Roman Empire.

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