United Libertarian Republics of Mauritius
Unite Libertaire République de Maurice
Unite Repiblik Moris
மொரிஷியஸ் ஐக்கிய லிபர்ட்டேரியன் குடியரசு
Vereinigte Freiheits Land Mauritiyegn

Timeline: France Is None

OTL equivalent: Mauritius
Location of Mauritius
Capital Port Louis
Largest city Angerkofn
Other cities Latensville, Bord e Paro, Tayalam, Mitusar
French, Tamil, German, Creole, Mandarin (Simplified)
  others English, Hindi, Malayalam, Danish, Spanish, Cantonese
Religion Christian 45%

Hindu 29%
Islam 14%
Nonreligious 6%
Buddhist 4%
Other 1%

Ethnic Group Indian 47%

European 23%
African 19%
Chinese 10%
Other 1%

Demonym Maurician
Government Libertarian-left democracy
President Emilen Krofn
Chancellor Vijay Marai
Area 788 mi²
Population 976,842 
Independence January 1, 1965
Currency Rupee
Calling Code +67 92
Internet TLD .ma
The United Libertarian Republics of Mauritius is a nation located 75 miles northeast of Reunion. The country is small in size, but home to about 1 million people. Cities house 69% of the population, while the rest live rurally. The country is mutliethnic, and it has the largest European population in Africa. Unlike its neighbors the country is rich from its quality fish and tourism, with a GDP of $59,887.


Province Population GDP
Denard de Hussein 99,527 $77,523
Bonsoura Lamante 105,811 $85,671
Bole 116,772 $48,978
Aferdeust 225,123 $76,092
Angerkofn-Mathu-Louis 403,667 $60,013
Capital Territory (Port Louis) 25,942 $100,683
Total 976,842 $59,887

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