Mauritania | Republic of Mauritania | ⵜⴰⴴⴷⵓⴷⴰ ⵏ ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵖⴰ | Tagduda n Tamazɣa (Moorish)


Largest city: Anfa (3,440,822)

Official language: Moorish

Other languages: French, Ladin, Tuareg

Religions: Moorish Christianity (79.3%), Catholic Christianity (3.4%), Protestant Christianity (1.3%), Judaism (1.2%), Jehova's Witnesses (1.1%), Others (2.5%), Non-religious (11.2%)

Demonym: Mauritanian/Moorish

Government: Republic | Unitary semi-presidential

President: Afulay Buteflika

Prime Minister: Agerzam Sellal

Legislature: Parliament

Upper House: Council of the Nation

Lower House: National Assembly

Independence (from France): July 5, 1962

Area: 4,885,469 sq km

Population (2014): 84,510,437

Currency: Aqarid  (TMA)

Internet TLD: .tm

History of Mauritania

Ancient Mauritania

Phoenicians and Carthaginians (until 202 BC)

Kingdoms of Numidia and Mauretania (202 BC – 42 AD)

Roman provinces of Mauretania (42–431)

Middle Ages

Vandal rule (430–534)

Roman-Moor Kingdom (c.500–688)

Eastern Roman rule (534–698)

Moorish Kingdom (688–1031)

Barghwata Confederacy (742–1058)

Zenagi rule (791–947)

Huwari rule (812–909)

Kutami rule (909–1091)

Morabedi rule (1040–1147)

Masmudi rule (1121–1248)

Merini rule (1244–1465)

Wattasi rule (1465–1554)

Early Modern period

European places (from 15th century)

Kabyle Kingdom (1517–1830)

European colonization

French Mauritania (1830–1962)

Spanish Mauritania (1885–1945)

Opposition to European control

Mauritanian War of Independence (1954–1962)

Independent Mauritania


Largest cities

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