Maurice Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (born March 10, 1934; died June 16, 1970) was the Crown Prince of the French Empire from 1952, when he came of age, until his death in an automobile accident in 1970. He was the eldest of Sebastien's three children and was the elder brother of Emperor Albert II. Maurice Bonaparte was a significant member of his father's Interior Ministry, and was a committed reformer and social liberal, who used his influence within the Grand Assembly as the Crown Prince to pass several triumphant bills through the legislature despite the reactionary, conservative 1960's in France. His death is referred to by historians as "France's great missed opportunity," and as an "unfulfilled promise."

Historians sometimes inaccurately state that the current Emperor, Maurice Napoleon I, was given his name in honor of Maurice L.N. Bonaparte after his death; while Albert II did name his son in his brother's honor due to their close relationship, Maurice Napoleon was born in 1969, about a year prior to his uncle's tragic death.

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