Kingdom of Maui
Official Language Fuximian
Capital Laahainaa
Land Area 3,043 km²
Currency Fuximian Momme (Mome)

The Kingdom of Maui is the 2nd largest kingdom in the United Kingdoms of the Fuximi Islands. It was conquered by King Kamehameha I in 1790, but broke away upon his death in 1819. The kingdom consists of four islands: Maui, Kaho'olawe (uninhabited), Moloka'i and Laana'i.

In 1819, King Kalanikupule of O'ahu claimed the throne of Maui after the later broke away from Hawaii. Upon his death in 1821, leaving no heirs, King Kaumu-alii I of Taua'i claimed the throne of O'ahu, initiating a personal union of three of the four Fuximian kingdoms which lasted until 1849, when King Keali'iahonui died without heir, and all three kingdoms elected a new king.

Partial list of Kings

  • 17??-17?? Lono-Honua-kin (21st king)
  • 17??-17?? Kaulahea II
  • 17??-1736 Kekaulike Kalani-nui-Kui-Hono-i-Kamoku
  • 1736-1765 Kamehameha-nui Ailuau
  • 1765-1794 Kahekili II (also King of Oahu, 1783-1794)
  • 1794-1795 Kalanikupule (also King of Oahu)
  • 1795-1819 Kamehameha I (King of Hawaii)
  • 1819-1821 Kalanikupule (also King of O'ahu)
  • 1821-1824 Kaumu-alii I (also King of O'ahu and Taua'i)
  • 1824-1826 Kaumu-alii II (also King of O'ahu and Taua'i)
  • 1826-1849 Keali'iahonui (also King of O'ahu and Taua'i)

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