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Matthias Van Till
Timeline: Dutch Superpower

Van Till
The First Sea Lord dismounts from a Blackburn Buccaneer during the Panama Conflict

First Sea Lord of the Anglo-Dutch Navy
1991 – 1998

Predecessor Julian Oswald
Successor Mark Stanhope

Prime Minister of the Anglo-Dutch Union (De Facto)
1991 – 1998

Predecessor Niel Kinnock
Successor Gordon Brown
Born 17th October, 1959
AngloDutchFlag5 Utrecht, Netherlands
Died 12th Ocotber 1998
AngloDutchFlag5 HMS Imperative , Scarpa Flow
Spouse Queen Beatrix
Issue Elena Van Till
Political Party Dutch Labour Party
Religion Calvinist
Profession Sailor, Politician

Matthias Van Till was the First Sea Lord and Prime Minister of the Anglo-Dutch Union during the majority of the Anglo-Dutch Civil War up until his death in the battle of Scarpa Flow. He was also married to Princess (later Queen) Beatrix for the last year of his life and is the father of the current heir to the Dutch Throne, Princess Elena. Despite his support and marriage to the Queen he remained a prominent republican throughout his life refusing to take any titles and only agreeing to marry the princess after being promised that he would retain his military position.