Matthew Nguyen-Noc Tran (born January 17, 1966) is the current Governor of Huron, sitting since 2011. He is the first Governor of Asian-American heritage in United States history. Prior to serving as Governor, he was a state Senator, representing suburban Yorktown's traditionally Vietnamese neighborhood of Foxwood. As Governor, Tran has governed as a centrist, focusing on lowering higher education costs and working with Yorktown officials to improve not only city but regional transit connections, which are regarded as some of the worst in the nation for a metropolitan region as dense as Yorktown. Tran heavily criticized Nationalist lawmakers in Washington, D.C. for expressing skepticism on heavy rail investment, citing it them as, "stupid." Tran vetoed a gay-marriage bill in early 2012, which passed by referendum that fall - however, Tran established one of the nation's most generous state-funded maternity leave program and raised the minimum wage both in 2011 and in January of 2013.

Tran, who was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States with his parents when he was three, has made an effort to help the National Party reach out to Asian-American voters, in particular in Huron and New York. Tran is widely expected to challenge Cheryl Stephens for Huron's Senate seat in 2014, when he is term-limited.

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