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Republic of Matsusaka
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Matsusaka (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) 元帥徽章
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Japanese, Māori
  others Korean, Chinese
Religion Shinto
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy
President Yukio Hatoyama
Prime Minister Mitsushige Yamanaka
Population 4,404,400 
Established 1975
Currency Japanese yen

Matsusaka is a nation in Oceania.


Matsusaka was first founded by Japan back in 1706 as a colony and soon, in 1800 it became a prefecture of Japan. it remained so up until 1893, when it became an Autonomous Prefecture and then, Matsusaka declared independence in 1975 though still uses the Japanese Yen as their official currency. Throughout as being a colony and being a part of Japan, the Māori people were respected and also, the Māori language soon became a widespread and highly spoken language. By 1950 most could speak both Japanese and Māori language.

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