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Matan's Empire
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag of Sikara Coat of Arms of Sikara
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Matan's Empire
Extent of Matan's Empire

Murume Umwe, Nyika Imwe (Latin)
("One Man, One Nation")

Capital Livingstone
Largest city Lusaka
Other cities Harare, Bulawayo, Mazabuka, Gweru, Kitwe
Language English
Government Absolute Monarchy
Archon Matan Sikara
Head Mistress Nehanda Vera
Area ~550,000 km²
Population 21,209,117 (2011 Estimate) 
Established September 27, 1987
Currency Matani Nyinda

The despostic state known as Matan's Empire, is a vast nation carved out of the nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was formed September 27, 1987 by it first and current Archon, Matan Sikara, who seeking to establish a nation where he could as he wished, killed the leaders of both countries following the chaos that followed during the Doomsday.







The Archon

Ethnarch Council

Head Mistress

Foreign Relations




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