United States

The U.S.A replies Yes to Canada's merger offer. How is 1908?

His Imperial Majesty, Francisco I, by the Grace of God, Emperor of Mexicans agrees to the American proposal of trade relations. However control over Baja California is increasingly loose and we shall have to transfer it to the WSA to retain our stability.

Western States of America

  • Mexico: In return for an outpost in Mexico, would the Westerners like to help the Mexican Empire conquer what remains of Central America?


  • England asks Australia for alliance
  • In return for an outpost in Mexico, would the English like to help the Mexican Empire conquer what remains of Central America?


Russia: We will reaffirm the alliance we had before the Cataclysm if you agree.

France: We agree to reaffirming the alliance.

  • France asks European nations to create an economic partnership

Austria: Powerful France, you of all great nations should know the importance of liberty and freedom for people of all nationalities. We would not dream of you destablising yourself and destroying your well-fought alliances for the sake of aiding a group of violent revolutionaries, but it would not be so terrible as to influence Germany to peacefully grant the Austrians independance before any more blood is shed. I myself wish for a much more peaceful resolutions rather than this unpleasantness, and so hope that we can gain this independence quietly before a massacre occurs. Sincerely,

Frederick Fedorca, born of Salzburg

Austria, We will try to influence the German state the best we can. Peace and prosperity must be upheld first and foremost. We will hope that more blood will not be shed in this revolution, and we hope that your nation will becomae a center of liberty, of justice, and of freedom. Scincerely,

Emile Loubet, French President

Mexico: In return for an outpost in Mexico, would the French like to help the Mexican Empire conquer what remains of Central America?





Austria: Proud Germany, forgive the Austrian people for the unpleasantness that occured at Salzburg. Restlesness courses through their veins, and the descent of anarchy on their once mighty empire was a great blow to their pride. We know that you, Germany, are a powerful nation and could rain death on this rebellion with but a bat of your eye, but I beg you to reconsider the course of Austria's independance. Austria is but a small nation, and relatively insignificant to the march of your mighty empire. Would you justify spending the lives of any German citizen in order to assert control of a seemingly meaningless territory, while merely a more peaceful resolution could have been resolved? Give the Austrians their nation, Germany. Your empire is strong, and we would hardly pose much of a threat to your enormous armies while you are preoccupied with much grander matters. I deeply aplogize for Salzburg, but rest assured that the governor and his officers shall be freed and the dead will go back to their homes to be buried by their families. I do hope you consider my request.


Frederick Fedorca, born of Salzburg.

New Roman Empire


Australian Confederacy

Korea: We ould like an alliance

Korean Empire

  • Offers alliance to Australia

Kingdom of Czargrad

Emirate of Bukhara

Russia: There is plenty of empty land to move into, so there is no need for conflict betwen our two nations. I suggest that we initiate a nonagression pact between us.


Mexican Empire

South Africa


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