This is where users may control their nations here! For 10 stability points, users can make a flag and motto!

Users may issue edicts. I have also integrated a point system. Economy points are how good the economy is. Less than 40 is bad. Stability points constitute how efficient the government is and whether it can stay together. More than 50 is good. 30 or worse means that a player may make a secession. 10 or less is a mandatory civil war.

Please do not add your own points.

North America



Motto-E Purbuis Plum(One out of Many)

Capital- Washington DC

Economy Points- 60

Stability Points- 25

Military Points- 30

Religion- None (Mainly Christan and Mormon)

Western States of America


Motto- Out of the ashes...

Capital- Las Vegas

Economy Points- 20

Stability Points- 50

Military Points- 60

Religion- No official religion


Mexican Empire
Imperio Mexicano
Timeline: Massive Impact (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Mexico
Bandera del Segundo Imperio Mexicano (1864-1867) 1000px-Coat of arms of Mexico (1864-1867) svg
Flag Coat of Arms

For Mexico, For God, For the Emperor (Spanish)

(and largest city)
Mexico City
Language Spanish
Roman Catholic
  others Mormon, Protestant
Ethnic Groups
  others White American, Native American
Demonym Mexican
Government Militarist monarchical federation
  legislature Cortes and Regency Council


Duchy Act-By order of the Regency Council, in the name of the Emperor, the reconstituted Mexican Empire shall be divided into new duchies. The new dukes shall be responsible for their duchies food supply and the upholding of the rule of law.

Junta Act-By order of the Regency Council, in the name of the Emperor, all cities with a population of over 70,000 shall be governed by a regional Junta of elite military men drawn from the highest ranks of the illustrious Mexican military.

Cortes Act-By order of the Regency Council, in the name of the Emperor, a new national Cortes shall be created to govern the whole nation of, by and for the Mexican people. All people shall have a vote, the nation shall be divided into constituencies which are each represented a Member of the Cortes. The Cortes shall convene in Mexico City. The MCs shall form the House of Commons and the Dukes shall form the House of Lords.

Baja California Proclamation-By order of the Regency Council, in the name of the Emperor, the Province of Baja California shall be set aside for the settlement of those Americans who are fleeing from chaos in their homeland. Baja California shall have its own Senate and self governance but will be part of the Mexican Empire.

Agriculture Act-By order of the Regency Council, in the name of the Emperor, each Duchy shall produce a quota of food proportional to its population, such as is needed to feed its population as well as at least a 10% surplus. Failure to comply will result in the Duchy in question being directly governed by the Cortes.

Economy Points- 20

Stability Points- 20

Military Points- 20


Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006

Motto: "God and Federation"

Economy Points 40

Stability Points 50

Military points20


United Kingdom


Flag of England

Motto- The point of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other side die for theirs.

Capital- London


Religion Act: Everyone must adopt at least some form of Christianity or die

Economy Points- 65

Stability Points- 50

Military Points- 30

Religion- Anglican Christianity


Flag of France

Capital- Paris until 1918, New Paris after 1918

Motto- Pour la vie, la liberté, pour l'avenir (For life, for liberty, for the future)


The New Paris Act: An act put in place to build a new capitol city which is one of the most modern cities around. Everything was planned out to make New Paris an efficiently running city. The city holds over 10 million people that had to evacuate the coasts when the seas rose. The act has many major factors which has made the French economy one of the most powerful in the world:

  1. The massive amount of materials needed for the project allowed French colonies to built new mines, expand logging companies, and build railroads to transport the goods.
  1. Hundreds of new factories were built to proccess and refine the massive influx of materials, allowing them to be later shifted to producing goods to sell.
  1. The creation of factories gave thousands of unemployed peole work.
  1. Dozens of new French trading and cargo ships were built, allowing for much more trade between France and other nations
  1. The excess money later produced by selling all the new goods being made allowed France to spend much more money on military advancements and army expansion.

The Military Expansion Act: An act that expanded the French army largely. Every year two divisions are added to the French army for twenty years. These new troops are to be equiped with the newest guns, vehiles, and armor.

Economy Points- 60

Stability Points- 40

Military Points- 35

Religion: Catholic

New Roman Empire


Capital- Rome


Economy Points- 50

Stability Points- 70

Military Points- 50

Religion- Catholic



Capital- Madrid


Economy Points- 50

Stability Points- 30

Military Points- 20

Religion- Catholic



Capital- Helsinki


Economy Points- 50

Stability points- 70

Military Points- 20

Religion- Lutheran



Capital- St. Petersburg

Motto - God is with us!

Edicts -

Economy Points- 50

Stability Points- 40

Military Points- 40

Religion- Orthodox



Capital- Istanbul

Motto: An nations succes is not achieved by unifiying territorys of other nations, but by unifiying one true religion among the people.


Economy Points- 30

Stability- 30

Military Points- 30

Religion- Muslim



Capital- Berlin


Economy Points- 50

Stability- 20

Military Points- 40

Religion- Catholic/Protestant


Capital: Vienna


Economy Points: 30

Stability: 15

Military Points: 50

Religion: Catholic or Protestant


South African Commonwealth

Capital: Pretoria


Economy Points:

Stability Points:

Military Points:

Religion: Christianity


Australian Confederacy


Au eka

Flag of AC

Capital- Sydney


Break with the Anglican Church:

As we enter a period in which communication with England will be hard (if not impossible), we find the need to announce that, following a period of intense discussion and debate, the Australian Bishops of the Anglican Church have formally decided to break from British rule and reform ourselves into the Ecumenical Church of Australia. We are currently discussing a union with the Episcopal Church of Australia, and several Methodist organizations have expressed their wishes to join with us.

Economy Points- 40

Stability- 60

Military Points- 30

Religion: Anglican-Presbyterian-Catholic

Motto: Advance Australialis

South America


Emirate of Bukhara

Flag -

Capital - Bukhara

Edicts -

the One Nation, One Language act - the Emir of Bukhara declares that for peaceful union, a single language is necessary. Every person in the Emirate is expected to learn Uzbek.

Economy points - 45

Stability - 60

Military Points- 40

Main Religion: Sunni Islam


Empire of Korea

Flag -


Capital - Seoul

Edicts -

War Act: Everyone who is at least 20 of age must serve in the army/navy/future air force for at least three years

Language Act: Everyone must speak Korean at least a little

Name Act: everyone must have a Korean Name

Korean Games Act: There will be a Korean Games every three years, to help stability and peace in the region

Economy points - 75

Stability - 35

Military Points- 40

Main Religion: Buddhism 88% Christianity 10% Other 2%

Motto: Expansion for Budda

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