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Based on the popular map game by CrimsonAssassin!

In 1899, the world had reached an imperialistic state. Empires spanned across several continents. The industrial revolution was in full swing. However, all this came to a crashing halt. On July 29th, 1899, an iron asteroid with a diameter of 15,000 meters struck in the steppes of China!

Dust was kicked up and anyone within a radius of 492 km of the impact is either dead or seriously injured. Plant life began to die around the world, along with many animals. This was the beginning of the end for humans.

The crust fragmented and earthquakes regularly shook the Earth. Halley's comet struck in Colorado in 1986, ending an otherwise successful human settlement.

As of August 18, 2011, there are less than 1 million people left on Earth. Estimates show that humanity is expected to go extinct by 2012.

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