A modern engraving of

Battle of Krikos (333 B.C.)

Massalia was a small city state in the Greek Aegean Islands Founded in 517 B.C, it was the main center for culture and education. Massalia, which had a large port, was totally surrounded by Achinia, its enemy.


Massalia was founded in 517 B.C. by two gods looking for a quiet place to sped their days. Those gods, Jupiter and Demeter named it Massalia, place of the gods. By 450 B.C. Massalia was a successful city-state, with many scholars and tradesmen. It was known for its library, famous all over the area as the center for learning. In 408 B.C. the Achinian's launched a naval raid of the port, but as they did not have enough soldiers were quickly beaten.


Around 335 B.C. the neighboring state of Achinia declared war on the Massalians. A long siege then began along Massalia's borders. In 333 B.C. the Massalian and Achinian fleets fought of the island of Krikos. Though Massalia won, it had lost many ships and had little resources to rebuild. Larger Achinia worked through the winter and Spring to rebuild its fleet. By then, both Archas and Abxa had pledged their support for Massalia. But, the Achinians acted quickly and sent its rebuilt fleet to Massalia. There, they used fire-tipped arrows to destroy the port, including the famous library. Prince Lysimacus fled with many treasures, which would have otherwise been remelted down or destroyed by the invaders. The historian Antonius was also able to recover whatever books remained in the library and used them to write his book, The Defeat of Massalia by the Great Achine Invaders.

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