Before the humiliating Treaty of Riga was signed in 1921, Soviet Russia had planned "sovietization" of Poland.  But what if the Soviets won the Polish-Soviet war? What if the Soviets established a Polish SSR? What if the PSSR became founder of USSR?


Polrewkom 1920

Polrewkom(in center left to right: Feliks Dzierzynski, Julian Marchlewski, Feliks Kon)

Civil War


  • July, 30th: The Provisional Polish Revolutionary Committee (Polrevkom) is created under the patronage of Soviet Russia in Smolensk. The committee consists of the following members:
    • Julian Baltazar Marchlewski (chairman)
    • Feliks Dzierzynski (de facto leader)
    • Feliks Kon (education)
    • Edward Próchniak (secretary)
    • Józef Unszlicht (party)
    • Bernard Zaks (industry)
    • Stanisław Bobiński (agriculture)
    • Tadeusz Rydwański (propaganda minister)
  • August, 1st: Polrevkom is officially declared in Belostok (the first city that was occupied by the Red Army west of the Kerzon Line). Polrevkom is located there in Branicki palace.
    There Polrevkom announced the "Appeal to the Polish working people of cities and villages," written by Dzerzhinsky. "Appeal" declared the establishment of the Polish Soviet Socialist Republic, nationalization of land, separation of church and state, and also called on the working people to expel capitalists and landlords, to occupy factories, and to create revolutionary committees as the authorities. The Committee also called soldiers of the Polish Army to revolt. Polrevkom has also initiated the Polish Red Army.
  • August, 13-23th: Battle of Warsaw, also called the "Massacre on the Vistula River'. The Poles totaly defeated by the Soviet. Polrevkom is moved to Warsaw. East Polish border finally established in Curzon line.
  • September: During the month the Army of Polish Republic is finally defeated. Pilsudski managed to escape to France and formed a Polish government in exile. Germany enters troops into Polish corridor and take it under control
  • October: Bolsheviks start Baltic operation.


  • March: Red army took Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. New Baltic SSRs form: Baltic SFSR. Caunas became Lithuanian capital. Belorussia takes Vilnium and it becomes its capital. Belorussian didn't take Mogilov.


  • December, 30th: Treaty on the Creation of the USSR is signed by Russian SFSR, Baltic SFSR, Belorussian SSR, Ukrainian SSR, Polish SSR and Transcaucasian SFSR. 



  • January, 21th: Lenin dies.


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