Mary of Spain
Timeline: Tudor line

Queen Consort of Bohemia and Hungary
22 July 1515 - 17 June 1543

Predecessor Anne of Foix
Successor Agnes of Poland
Born 15 September 1505
Brussels, Belgium
Died 9 November 1569
Prague, Bohemia
King Louis II
Queen Mother Mary of Bohemia and Hungary
Timeline: Tudor line

Marie de hongrie 1520
Portrait of Queen Mother Mary of Bohemia and Hungary

Queen Mother of Bohemia and Hungary
17 June 1543 - 9 November 1569

Predecessor Anne of Foix (for 26 days)
Successor Agnes of Poland
 Mary of Spain was born in Brussels on 15 September 1505 to Philip I of Castile and Joanna I of Spain and was a sibling to the holy roman emperor Charles V. Her marriage was arranged after the death of Vladislaus II of Hungary and Bohemia and upon his son Louis's succession, also their siblings Duke Ferdinand of Austria and Anne of Hungary married. She was a traditional Habsburg and pushed his husband to attack the Turks all the time. She was clearly upset when her husband died and she and their son Casimir I had to escape the wrath of the Turks. In 1523 she followed her husband into a war against the Lutherans. After Casimir in 1530, they had another child - Agnes - in 1532. When she became the queen mother and her son was crowned in Prague, she was very fond of her son and his relatives (Sigismund I and II and Charles V's cleansing of Hungary from the Turks and, in fact, wanted Popes Alexander VII and Gregory XIII to make him a saint while still alive, she died in 1569 and was buried in Prague, where she spend most of her son's reign.