Mary of Burgundy
Marie de Bourgogne
Maria van Bourgondië

Timeline: Great Empires

Mary of Burgundy
Mary of Burgundy

Holy Roman Empress
1493 – 1525

Predecessor: Philip I
Successor: Charles V

Duchess of Burgundy
1477 – 1525

Predecessor: Charles the Bold
Successor: Charles V

Queen of Germany
1493 – 1525

Predecessor: Philip I
Successor: Charles V
Born: 13 February 1457
Brussels, Flanders, Burgundy
Died: 24 September 1525
Royal Palace, Bruges, Flanders, Holy Roman Empire
Spouse: Maximillian I
House: House of Valois-Burgundy
Father: Charles the Bold
Mother: Isabella of Bourbon
Issue: Philip I
Religion: Roman Catholicism (1457 - 1493)
Magdalenean Christianity (1493 -1525)
 Mary of Burgundy was Duchess of Burgundy and Holy Roman Empress. The current German royal family claim descent from both her and Charlemagne.

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