Mary I of Scotland
Timeline: Hapsburg's Unite

Queen of Scots
December 14, 1542 - July 24, 1567
September 5, 1582 - October 20, 1585

Predecessor: James V
Successor: James VI
Born: December 8, 1542
Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow
Died: October 20, 1585

Mary I (December 14, 1542 - July 24, 1567 & September 5, 1582 - October 20, 1585) became Queen of Scotland on December 14, 1542, and then again on September 5, 1582 at the ages of 6 days and 40 respectively. Mary's mother was Mary of Guise, while her father was James V. Mary was the eighth Stewart to be crowned Queen of Scotland.

Mary was forced to abdicate once, though with the help of Henry IX of England she forced herself back onto the throne, though not long after she was assassinated by a group of Scottish Protestants loyal to her son, James.


Early Years


Anglo-Scots War



Name Birth Marriage Death
James VI June 19, 1566 Anne of Denmark March 27, 1625

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