Martin Borman
Timeline: Let's Kill Hitler

OTL equivalent: Martin Bormann

Bormann in 1939

25th Chancellor of the German Reich
1939 – 1964

Predecessor Adolf Hitler (as Führer)
Successor Philipp Bouhler
President Hermann Göring
Born 17 June 1900
Wegeleben, German Empire
Died 3rd August 1964 (age 64)
Munich, South Germany
Spouse Gerda Buch (m. 1929)
Political Party National Socialist German Workers' Party
Profession Estate manager, farmer

Martin Bormann (17 June 1900 - 3 August 1964) was a prominent member of the Nazi Party. He was Chancellor of South Germany from 1939 to 1964, succeeding Führer Adolf Hitler. He appointed Chief of the Luftwaffe Hermann Göring to serve as President of the Reich, as the office of Führer was now once again split into two. Bormann died in August 1964 and was succeeded by Philipp Bouhler, former Chief of the Chancellery of the Führer.