Martim Almeida
Timeline: Napoleon's World

Prime Minister of Brazil
September, 1974 – August, 1987

Born August 2, 1917
Died September 8, 1990
Political Party PBDN
Profession Military

Martim José Silva da Almeida (August 2, 1917 - September 8, 1990) was a Brazilian general and politician best known for serving as Prime Minister of Brazil from September 1974 until August 1987 when he was captured by ERB guerrillas attempting to flee Brazil to France. As Prime Minister, he was essentially President Hugo Savala's right-hand-man and a key figure in the Savalist regime. He was briefly, from 1974 until 1979, the Chairman of the National Democratic Brazilian Party, a mostly ceremonial position he ceded to a junior party official voluntarily after five years, the period Savala and he had agreed was appropriate for holding the formal post. Almeida was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death in 1989 during the Brazilian Restoration. He appealed his sentence to the new Supreme Court of Brazil, arguing that his actions were taken prior to the war, but he was overruled and executed by firing squad on September 8, 1990.