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List of novels, television programs, news reports, etc. dealing with Mars

Novels and short stories

  • 1808: Emptiness by Washington Irving. A story about humanity's colonization of an empty Mars and the revolution soon after.
  • 1838: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. A line says: "As empty as the plains of Mars".
  • 1870: From the Earth to Mars by Jules Verne. A sequel to From the Earth to the Moon, in which Michel Arden, Barbicane and Nicoll travel on another expedition to Mars and come into contact with a tribe of reptilian creatures.
  • 1898: War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Similar to the story in the OTL.
  • 1916: Blue and Red by Jake Keene. An alternate history story in which a World War I weakened Earth was invaded by the Martians. Eventually, they establish Adolf Hitler as earth's puppet leader.
  • 1940: The Martian Reich by Elizabeth Billings. Another alternate history in which insect-like Martians come down to aid Hitler and Nazi Germany.
  • 1946: The Green Planet by James Nickelson. A children book which describes life on Mars as observed.
  • 1955: Lovers away by Gregory Ulman. Based on Romeo and Juliet, the story tells about a Green Martian who falls in love in a human girl. However, the girl's family is racist, preventing them from being together.
  • 1985: Red Hills by Tracey Young. A mission to Mars leads to the discovery that the Red and Green Martians have become barbarian tribes.

Newspaper articles

  • The Roswell Daily Record correctly reports the crashlanding of a Martian craft trying to observe Earth.



  • Back to the Future: A Green Martian named Zad is depicted as Marty Mcfly's best friend and very aggressive. During their time in the past, Zad meets his father, who is Marty's dad's best friend


  • West Side Story: Similar to OTL, except that the Hispanics are changed to Martians


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