Arauk Empire: covers the southern coastal half of the Iruth continent. Thriving by controlling trade routes between mineral rich northern regions and the rest of the world. One of the members of the Crarz Alliance

Grand State of Horis: lies on northern half of Iruth continent. rocky coasts and rough seas make maritime trade all but impossible. The mines of Horis produce most of Barsoom's iron. Shares a long warring history against the Arauk Empire to the south over seaports vital for trade.

Urusi City-States: name given to the various city-states bordering the Arauk Empire and Horis. Mainly little agrarian kingdoms, they remain neutral during the Arauk-Horis wars. They are Durs, Morus, Vendesa, Zergosta, Orys, Ferglas, Urusi, New Urusi, and Neo Urusi.

Mertiz Confederacy: Located in Mertiz Archipelago in Hurz Sea south of Iruth.The intellectual center of Barsoom, home to the University of Dour, the School of Arts, and the Great Library of Giara. made up of the Kingdom of Ithus, Republic of Dour, Democratic Republic of Erus, Union of Giaran States (U.G.S.), and the Kingdom of Fisus.

Raguris Nomadrchy: located on western edge of Quirus Continent. has no real governing body, name of desert region inhabited solely by tribes and bands of nomads. Peaceful region of an otherwise violent continent.

Hecrus Disputed Zone: Makes up most of the northern, central, and southern regions of Quirus. In nearly constant state of war and disarray caused by warring clandoms, kingdoms, and qoute-unquote empires. Major powers in the Zone are Malus Clan, Beliolus Clan, Hesbe Kingdom, and Erus Kingdom.

Necrus Empire: massive empire containing the Northern, Southern, and central coastal regions of Quirus and the western forest regions of the Yetetis continent.  A War-like culture (similar to our ancient Sparta), oppressing the hunter-gatherer nations in Westen Yetetis in serfdom. member of the Crarz Alliance

Western Yetetis: large forest region. No real governing body, as the region is inhabited by hunter-gatherer tribes. Is under occupation by the Necrus Empire and produces 60% of Barsoom's lumber. The conquest of this region has given rise to the Mertiz-Necrus conflicts

Yetetis Union: Originally tribes inhabiting Yetetis (not including Western Yetetis) formed in response to Necrus Invasion with assistance from the Mertiz Confederacy. rapid modernization caused much strife in its early history, but is now Barsoom's leading industrial power. Sworn enemy of Necrus empire and loyal ally of the Martiz Confederacy. the union consists of the Central Clans, the Northern Houses, and the Yetetis Republic in the south and east.

Welus League: league of small island nations in the center of the Valrus Ocean, holding the only fresh water source between the Quirus grouping of land masses, and the Rutus land masses on the other side of Barsoom. Surviving on a small fishing industry and charging shipping vessels for us of the water sources.

Rutus Empire: Imperial power, covering the Rutus and Berutus continents. A large theocracy completely devoted to the High One, the bridge between them and their god. All peoples coming under their control are given two options; convert or die. one of the members of the Crarz Alliance.

Tetus: sole independent state in the Rutus land mass. Hidden in high mountains on Tetus Island, ringed by sea mines, coastal guns, and naval patrols. In near constant state of collective paranoia.

Political Alliances

Crarz Alliance: alliance of Barsoom's three major powers: the Rutus, Necrus, and Arauk empires. Created in Necrian city of Crarz to keep the three empires on top and to eliminate any competition for another nation to rise to an imperial level.

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