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OTL equivalent: Quebec minus land south of the St. Lawrence, plus Labrador and eastern Ontario
No flag
Flag of Markland
(and largest city)
Hafnar Leif (OTL Saguenay, Quebec)
  others English
Prime Minister Hannah Einarsdottir
Area 2607414 km²
Population 13440150 
Independence March 1823
Currency Markland Dollar

Founded as an Icelandic colony shortly after the year 1000 CE, Markland is one of the largest nations on the continent. However, with more than 90 percent of the population located along the northern banks of the Kanawakie River (OTL St. Lawrence River), the interior retains most of its original isolation. Despite wars with Greenland and Vinland in the 1800s, Markland retains peaceful relations with its neighbors.

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