Keiserlig Skandinavisk Marine
Imperial Scandinavian Navy
Country: Scandinavia
Branch: Navy
Role: Naval operations
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Headquarters: Kalmar
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Founded in: 1814




Command, Control & Organisation

Naval High Command (Marinens overkommando)

Coastal Artillery (Kystartilleriet)

Coast Guard (Kystvakten)

Fleet Command (Flåtekommandoen)

Naval Air Wing (Marinens flyvåpen)

Naval Logistics Wing (Marinens logistikkvåpen)

Sea War Academy (Sjøkrigsakademiet)

Submarine Wing (Undervannsbåtvåpenet)


Training and education

Uniforms and ranks

Shore establishments

Naval bases

Naval schools

Fleet list

Aircraft carriers

  • København class
    • HMS København
    • HMS Stockholm

Amphibious warfare ships

  • Bornholm class (Landing platform, helicopter)
    • HMS Bornholm
  • Absalon class (Landing platform, dock)
    • HMS Absalon
    • HMS Esbern Snare


  • Claes Uggla class
    • HMS Claes Uggla
    • HMS Carl Cronstedt
    • HMS Carl Gyllenhielm
    • HMS Clas Fleming


  • Halland class
    • HMS Halland
    • HMS Lappland
    • HMS Småland
    • HMS Varmland
  • Sleipner class
    • HMS Sleipner
    • HMS Balder
    • HMS Brage
    • HMS Gyller
    • HMS Odin
    • HMS Tor
    • HMS Uller
    • HMS Æger


  • Fridtjof Nansen class
    • HMS Fridtjof Nansen
    • HMS Helge Ingstad
    • HMS Hjalmar Johansen
    • HMS Otto Sverdrup
    • HMS Roald Amundsen
    • HMS Thor Heyerdahl
  • Niels Juel class
    • HMS Niels Juel
    • HMS Cort Adeler
    • HMS Olfert Fischer
    • HMS Ove Gjedde
    • HMS Peder Skram
    • HMS Peter Wessel


Missile torpedo boats

Mine layers

Mine sweepers


  • Aldebaran class (Strategic missile submarine)
    • HMU Aldebaran
    • HMU Algol
    • HMU Altair
    • HMU Antares
  • Viking class (Attack submarine)
    • HMU Viking

Logistic vessels

Coast Guard vessels

Other vessels

  • HMS Antarktis (Antarctic patrol and research ship)
  • HMS Valkyrien (Aviation training and primary casualty reception ship)

List of aircrafts

Amphibious forces

The amphibious forces of the Navy is the 1 Commando Brigade 1 Kommandobrigade of the Marines Marinerkorpset. 1 Commando Brigade is capable of operating independently and is highly trained as an amphibious force. 1 Commando Brigade can deploy quickly and fight in any terrain in the world. The Navy and the 1 Commando Brigade combined are a highly mobile and versatile force.

Special Forces

The special forces of the Navy is the MSK or Marinerkorpsets spesialkommando (Marines Special Command ) of the Marines Marinerkorpset and together with the FSK or Forsvarets spesialkommando (Defence Special Command) of the Army (Hæren) it is the special forces of Scandinavia.

Naval culture

Notable sailors