Keiserlig Skandinavisk Marinekorps
Imperial Scandinavian Marine Corps
Country: Scandinavia (Emperordom of Scandinavia)
Branch: Marine Corps
Role: Amphibious operations
Size: 0000
Headquarters: Kalmar
Commander: XXXX
Nickname: The sailing infantery (Det seilende infanteri)
Motto: Nec temere, nec timide
Founded in: 1672

The Marine Corps is a semi independent branch of the defence forces under control of the Navy (Marinen (Emperordom of Scandinavia)) and are responsible for amphibious operations. The Marine Brigade is capable of operating independently and is highly trained as a amphibious force. The Marine Brigade can deploy quickly and fight in any terrain in the world. The Navy and the Marine Corps combined are a highly mobile and versatile force.





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